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    GSMA video shows NFC in action in Nice

    Mobile network operators’ association the GSMA has produced a video showing near field communication phones in action in the French city of Nice, where mobile operators have been conducting an NFC trial under the Cityzi brand name.

    The video shows NFC phones being used to pay for public transport, to access information in a museum and the city’s cathedral, to store a retail loyalty card application, to obtain discount coupons in a supermarket and to rent bicycles. The video also shows NFC in use at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm to replace hotel door room keys:

    Last week, the GSMA issued a statement outlining a commitment by leading global mobile network operators from around the world — many of whom have not previously been involved in NFC — to launch commercial services in 2012.

    • David Cox

      This is so wonderful to see. I have a Nexus S with NFC and can’t wait to be able to use that type of technology in my everyday life.

    • Smart Poster

      This was a great NFC Video but unfortunate the message we are getting is This Video is Private! Such a shame as it showed how NFC Near Field Communication can be used in a number of ways.

      • Mike Clark

        It is/was indeed a great video. We’re trying to find out why it has been taken down, and if it will come back soon. It does seem odd to take a promotional video such as this out of circulation, though, for whatever reason…

    • Smart Poster

      Thanks for your feedback Mike was there a series of these, I think this one was NFC 3 ?

      • Mike Clark

        I don’t know if there are any more. I first came across this one at the MWC a couple of weeks ago, where it was used to kick off the NFC conference session…

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