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News in brief

NFC 1 number plate for sale

News in brief

After many years in private hands the UK personalised car registration plate “NFC 1” is for sale. “Because the number plate will also appeal to football fans, I’m looking for offers of over £10,000,” owner Jane Jeffries told NFC World. Jane can be contacted in the UK on 07785 952303.

Filed by Email Mike Clark Published • Last updated 19 August 2013, 12:20

  • Mike Clark

    Ah. The owner has been back in touch to let us know that she made “a terrible mistake” and it is actually ‘NFC 2’ that is for sale.

    • pippo

      so price should be at least half :)

      • Mike Clark


        At least it is still ‘NFC’… it could have been worse :)

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