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Past NFC events

This is an archive of past NFC industry conferences, exhibitions and other events. You can see forthcoming events on our events page.

If you are organising a meeting, congress, conference or tradeshow, click here to find out how to get listed in our NFC events guide.

Transport Ticketing Americas 2015

24-25 March 2015Mexico City, Mexico


Mobile Payments & NFC

24-26 March 2015London, United Kingdom

Now in its third year, Telecoms IQ’s Mobile Payments and NFC London will help you acquire the strategies you need to develop and monetise your mobile payments business model. Plus hear how you can successfully ensure a simple and secure service that will be appealing to your customers.



Mobile Money & Wallet Summit 2015

17-18 March 2015London, United Kingdom


Retail World Africa 2015

10-11 March 2015Johannesburg, South Africa


Cards and Payments Africa 2015

10-11 March 2015Johannesburg, South Africa


2nd Biometrics in Financial Services Seminar

10 March 2015London, United Kingdom


14th EPCA Payment Summit

9-10 March 2015Brussels, Belgium


NFC Forum Plugfest

9-13 March 2015Barcelona, Spain


Mobile World Congress 2015

2-5 March 2015Barcelona, Spain


Testing Mobile Payments: HCE and Tokenization

24 February 2015At your computer

Free webinarJoin NFC World and payments testing specialist Gerd Thys from Clear2Pay at 15:00 GMT on Tuesday 24 February to gain an in-depth understanding of the new testing, quality and compliance challenges created by the arrival of HCE and tokenization — and how to address them.



Apex: All Payments Expo

23-25 February 2015Las Vegas, USA


MobiSecServ 2015

20-21 February 2015Gainesville, Florida, USA


Workshop: Understanding tokenization and host card emulation

17 February 2015At your computer

Free webinarJoin NFC World and Bell ID at 15:00 GMT on Tuesday 17 February when mobile payments expert David Worthington will explain how tokenization works and how it can help you better secure mobile payment services.



Mobile Shopping Europe 2015

11-12 February 2015London, United Kingdom


Smart Card Alliance’s 2015 Payments Summit

3-5 February 2015Salt Lake City, USA


Transport Ticketing 2015

27-28 January 2015London, United Kingdom


Nordic MCP 2015

21-22 January 2015Stockholm, Sweden


Mobile Money & Digital Payments Asia 2015

20-22 January 2015Jakarta, Indonesia


Evaluating NFC security strategies: The role of the secure element in the evolving NFC landscape

20 January 2015At your computer

Free webinarJoin NFC World, SIMalliance and EnStream at 10:00 EST/15:00 GMT/16:00 CET for an hour-long webinar that will help you understand how to select the right security strategy for your NFC service and gain insight into the lessons learned from a leading market deployment.



Nordic Card Markets and Future Payment Solutions

19-20 January 2015Copenhagen, Denmark


2015 International CES

6-9 January 2015Las Vegas, USA

Sarah Clark, editor of NFC World+, will be at the International CES to chair the event’s mobile payments session and meet up with readers to discuss the latest technologies and trends.



EMV for Multiple Platforms

9 December 2014Orlando, USA


Mobile Money & Wallet Asia 2014

9 December 2014Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Mobile Payments Latin America Summit

2-3 December 2014Miami, USA


Location & Context World

2-3 December 2014San Francisco, USA


Internet of Things USA

19-20 November 2014Santa Clara, CA, USA


Payments Indonesia

18-19 November 2014Jakarta, Indonesia


Mobile Money & Digital Payments Global

18-20 November 2014Istanbul, Turkey


Carte 2014

18-19 November 2014Rome, Italy


Mobile Payments and Retail workshops at Apps World

12-13 November 2014London, United Kingdom

Apps World 2014

The mobile payment workshops at Apps World 2014 will be looking at new business models and discussing the latest developments in the mobile payments space — emerging technologies, mobile commerce, monetisation, security, NFC, mobile banking — and how these will affect the roles of key industry players like banks, operators, platform owners and card issuers.



Cartes 2014

4-6 November 2014Paris, France


Money 20/20 Expo 2014

2-6 November 2014Las Vegas, USA


Host Card Emulation Summit 2014

14-15 October 2014London, United Kingdom

HCE Summit 2014“The HCE Summit is a new forum dedicated to bringing together leading HCE stakeholders and pioneers,” says the organiser. “Together we will shed light on this important subject and will help you to define your near future strategy.”



Digital & Mobile Wallet Summit 2014

14-15 October 2014London, United Kingdom

DMW Summit“Here at the Digital & Mobile Wallet Summit we aim to bring together a wide spectrum of industry stakeholders to share the latest use cases, industry best practices, regulatory updates and all else you need to know,” says the organiser.



NFC in Action Conference

10 October 2014Tokyo, Japan


Tap Into NFC Developer Showcase

8 October 2014Tokyo, Japan


2nd Annual Mobile Wallet 2014

7-10 October 2014Singapore

2nd Annual Mobile Wallet 2014

Focusing on the latest initiatives for mobile wallets and insights on consumer and retailer’s adoption & awareness, IBC’s 2nd Annual Mobile Wallet event addresses the key factors in implementing a successful business model and players’ collaboration to accelerate scale and adoption in mobile wallets in Asia.



Mobey Day

7-8 October 2014Barcelona, Spain


NFC World Congress 2014

22-24 September 2014Marseille, France


CTIA Super Mobility Week

9-11 September 2014Las Vegas, USA


The Money Event

9-11 September 2014Las Vegas, USA


IFA 2014

5-10 September 2014Berlin, Germany


Cards & Payments Turkey 2014

2-3 September 2014Istanbul, Turkey


EMV User Meeting 2014

25-26 June 2014Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Mobile Wallet and Retail Innovation 2014

17-18 June 2014London, United Kingdom


Cardware 2014: Payment & Digital ID Insights

17-18 June 2014Niagara Falls, Canada


Mobile Asia Expo 2014

11-13 June 2014Shanghai, China


Payment Innovation China Convention

5-6 June 2014Beijing, China


NFCP Global Summit 2014

4-5 June 2014London, United Kingdom

NFC Global Summit 2014

The NFCP Global Summit is returning to London in June with a show-stopping line up of speakers — and NFC World readers can save 20% on the usual ticket price.



NFC Solutions Summit

3-4 June 2014Austin, USA


International Forum NFC Live 2014

29-30 May 2014Kazan, Russia


Cartes America 2014

13-15 May 2014Las Vegas, USA

Cartes America 2014

“This is THE event for payment, identification and mobility,” says the organiser.

“Cartes America will return to Las Vegas from 13-15 May 2014 for its third edition. The 2013 event attracted attendees from 55 countries, with 136 technology companies exhibiting — a 30 percent increase from the inaugural Cartes event in 2012.”



Mobile Money and Digital Payments Africa 2014

13-15 May 2014Johannesburg, South Africa


Global Mobile Health Summit Shanghai 2014

9-10 May 2014Shanghai, China


Contactless Intelligence Spring Conference 2014

29 April 2014London, United Kingdom


Near Field Communications World Asia 2014

23-24 April 2014Singapore

Near Field Communications World Asia 2014

“The 9th NFC World Asia reflects not only the current buzz happening in the international NFC space, but also the prevalent issues that some of the operators are facing in the live scene,” says the organiser. “Learn that you are not alone in facing the challenges, and discover the available solutions for the industry collectively.”



Wima Monaco NFC & Proximity Solutions 2014

22-24 April 2014Monaco

Wima Monaco

One of the most long-standing fixtures in the NFC industry calendar, Wima offers terrific networking opportunities in a more intimate and relaxed atmosphere.

“Wima is evolving and including new market segments,” the organiser tells NFC World. “We’re continuing to offer the best of NFC, and adding other complementary proximity and cloud-based technologies such as QR, Bluetooth, iBeacon and more.”



GlobalPlatform for Contactless one-day training session

17 April 2014London, United Kingdom


Cards, Payment & Identification

9-11 April 2014São Paulo, Brazil


Transact 14

8-10 April 2014Las Vegas, USA

The ETA Show is now known as “Transact: Powered by ETA”.


Mobile Money and Digital Payments Americas 2014

7-9 April 2014Mexico City, Mexico


The TSM Ecosystem of Today and Tomorrow

1 April 2014Atlanta, USA


IRX — Internet Retailing Expo

26-27 March 2014Birmingham, United Kingdom

IRX 2014

IRX brings together 5,000+ top multichannel retailers for six conferences, 12 workshops and 200 exhibitors. The event provides an excellent opportunity to showcase NFC solutions for retailers.



Mobile Payments and NFC Summit

25-27 March 2014London, United Kingdom


NFC Forum Plugfest

24-28 March 2014San Francisco, USA


NFC Forum Spotlight for Developers

21 March 2014San Francisco, USA


7th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia 2014

19-20 March 2014Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Cartes Asia 2014

19-20 March 2014Hong Kong


Proximity marketing, right here, right now

18 March 2014London, United Kingdom

A half day summit on “the next big game-changer in one-to-one communications,” presented by the UK’s Direct Marketing Association.


Apex: All Payments Expo

3-5 March 2014Las Vegas, USA


Mobile World Congress 2014

24-27 February 2014Barcelona, Spain

Find all the NFC industry news from this year’s Mobile World Congress here.


MobiSecNFC 2014

21-22 February 2014Gainesville, Florida, USA

MobisecNFC is the “first workshop of mobile applications, secure elements and near field communication,” says the organiser. The event is sponsored by the IEEE.


Tap to Pass: NFC for Access Control

19 February 2014At your computer

Free webinar

Join NFC World, Allegion and BadgePass at 11:00 EST/16:00 GMT/17:00 CET for an hour-long webinar that will help you understand how NFC can be used for access control and offer practical tips from people involved in running some of the world’s first live NFC ID services.



Merchant Payments Ecosystem 2014

18-20 February 2014Berlin, Germany


Mobile Payments & E-Commerce Summit

13-14 February 2014Yangon, Myanmar


MobileMoneyExpo 2014

12-13 February 2014Lagos, Nigeria


5th Annual World Cards & Payments Summit

10-12 February 2014Dubai, UAE


2014 Payments Summit

5-7 February 2014Salt Lake City, USA


NFC and Mobile Payment at Apps World

5 February 2014San Francisco, USA

NFC and Mobile Payment at Apps World North America 2014

“This year Apps World will be dedicating a day to mobile payments & NFC,” says the organiser. “Understanding how the key stakeholders are carving out their places in this new mobile channel is fundamental to this conference track.



Mobile Payments Conference

29-30 January 2014Miami, USA


NFC Symposium 2014

22-24 January 2014Stockholm, Sweden

NFC Symposium 2014

“NFC Symposium, now in its third year, is the leading Nordic NFC platform where all key stakeholders in the ecosystem — including banks, MNOs, transport operators, retailers, TSMs and many others — gather to discuss the latest developments and future business opportunities,” says the organiser.



Mobile Payments and Value Added Services Summit

22-23 January 2014New York, USA


Mobile Money and Digital Payments Asia 2014

21-23 January 2014Jakarta, Indonesia


2014 International CES

7-10 January 2014Las Vegas, USA

The 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show will feature NFC visitor badges, putting the technology at front and centre of the electronics world.


Tap and Play! NFC in Toys and Games

12 December 2013At your computer

Click to register for this free webinar

Join NFC World and Smartrac at 14:00 CET/13:00 GMT for an hour-long webinar looking at how NFC can be used to add extra features and revenue streams to toys and games — and add fun and excitement to marketing campaigns and educational experiences.



Tomorrow’s Transactions Toronto Unconference 2013

11 December 2013Toronto, Canada


Carte 2013

4-5 December 2013Milan, Italy

The Italian banking industry event, not to be confused with the massive Cartes tradeshow in Paris.


Mobile Payments Latin America Summit 2013

3-4 December 2013Miami, USA


Mobile Payments and Value Added Service Japan 2013

3-4 December 2013Tokyo, Japan


The Internet of Things: Investing in Future Technologies

28 November 2013London, United Kingdom


Compliance & Security for Emerging Payment Systems

21-22 November 2013San Francisco, USA


Cartes 2013

19-21 November 2013Paris, France

Cartes Secure Connexions Event 2013

“The Cartes Secure Connexions Event is the world’s leading tradeshow and conference focussed on secure solutions for payment, identification and mobility,” says the organiser.



The Future of Cash

13-14 November 2013Johannesburg, South Africa


Mobile Money Canada 2013

13 November 2013Toronto, Canada


Mobile Payment China 2013

7-8 November 2013Shanghai, China

Mobile Payment China 2013

Now in its fourth year, this conference will gather 180+ senior professionals from across the mobile payment community in China and beyond.



The Mobile Wallet Summit 2013

6-7 November 2013London, United Kingdom


Polish Forum For Proximity Card Payments and NFC 2013

6 November 2013Warsaw, Poland


Mobile Money & Digital Payments Global

5-7 November 2013Dubai, UAE


Risk, Regulation & Innovation in Mobile Payments

5 November 2013London, United Kingdom


Wima USA 2013: NFC and Proximity Solutions

28-30 October 2013San Francisco, USA

Wima USA 2013

“Wima is evolving to include new market segments,” explains the organiser. “The event continues to offer the best in NFC while introducing complementary proximity based technologies such as QR and Bluetooth which may be used in parallel or as stand-alone end-to-end solutions.”



Engage with NFC

23 October 2013Shanghai, China


NFC & Mobile Payment workshops at Apps World 2013

22-23 October 2013London, UK


“The NFC & Mobile Payment workshops at Apps World 2013 will be looking at new business models and discussing the latest developments in the mobile payments space — emerging technologies, mobile commerce, monetisation, security, NFC, mobile banking — and how these will affect the roles of key industry players like banks, operators, platform owners and card issuers.”



GSMA Mobile 360 Series: Middle East

21-22 October 2013Dubai, UAE


Payment Innovation (China) Convention 2013

17-18 October 2013Shanghai, China


MobileCon 2013

16-18 October 2013San Jose, USA


SmartCards Expo 2013

16-18 October 2013New Delhi, India


GSMA NFC & Mobile Money Summit 2013

14-17 October 2013New York, USA

GSMA NFC & Mobile Money Summit

“The GSMA NFC & Mobile Money Summit will again bring together the mobile and financial sectors to focus on developments and innovations in NFC and mobile financial services,” says the organiser.



Digital & Mobile Wallet Summit 2013

10-11 October 2013London, United Kingdom

Digital Mobile Wallet Summit 2013

“DMW is the only focused conference in Europe to address digital and mobile wallets comprehensively,” says the organiser. “The event converges payments with m-loyalty, identity, m-ticketing, location-based offers and other value-added services. This will be presented through 40 industry front-runners and leading practitioners and will gather 200+ attendees.”



International RFID Congress 2013

8-9 October 2013Marseille, France

Covering RFID, NFC and other contactless technologies.


Total Payments Asia 2013

8-9 October 2013Bangkok, Thailand


Money 2020 Expo 2013

6-10 October 2013Las Vegas, USA

Money 2020

“Money2020 explores trends in payments and financial services innovation, such as the mobile internet, open platforms and consumer empowerment,” says the organiser.



Bank Cards and Payment Technologies 2013

26-27 September 2013Moscow, Russia


Canadian Wireless Trade Show

25-26 September 2013Toronto, Canada


NFC World Congress 2013

24-26 September 2013Nice, France

NFC World Congress

NFC World Congress gathers the full value chain of NFC services, from start-ups to leading players, including implementers in all verticals.

Over three days in Nice, the “NFC city” on the French Riviera, this event offers a unique platform to network, develop business and exchange knowledge with more than 700 conference delegates from 65 countries.



International Acquiring Forum 2013

17-19 September 2013London, UK


Total Payments Europe 2013

16-18 September 2013London, UK


Mobile Money & Payments Latam 2013

10-11 September 2013Miami, USA


IFA 2013

6-11 September 2013Berlin, Germany


Cards & Payments Turkey 2013

3-4 September 2013Istanbul, Turkey


International Internet of Things Expo (IOTE)

15-17 August 2013Shenzhen, China


2013 Mobile Money for the Unbanked Global Event

8-11 July 2013Nairobi, Kenya


Mobile Asia Expo

26-28 June 2013Shanghai, China


2013 EMV User Meeting

26-27 June 2013Budapest, HUNGARY


Simposium Global 2013

25-26 June 2013Amsterdam, Netherlands


Screenmedia Expo 2013

25-27 June 2013London, UK


Mobile Commerce World

24-26 June 2013San Francisco, USA


mPOS World

24-25 June 2013Frankfurt, Germany


Mobile Wallet and Retail Innovation

18-19 June 2013London, UK

Mobile Wallet & Retail Innovation

“After 15 successful years of delivering the Mobile Financial Services Summit, Informa Telecoms and Media is proud to again reflect the changing industry focus and announce the Mobile Wallet and Retail Innovation event,” says the organiser.



PayExpo 2013

18-19 June 2013London, UK


NFC, Smartcard & Payment Fair 2013

18-20 June 2013Seoul, Korea

NFC, Smartcard & Payment Fair 2013

“We invite you to Asia’s top smart technology and service trade Show which leads the commercialization and standardization of the world NFC, SmartCard & Payment Technology”


GlobalPlatform’s “The TSM of Today and Tomorrow” workshop

18 June 2013Madrid, Spain

Global Platform TSM Seminar

GlobalPlatform is inviting actors operating in the mobile NFC services space to attend a free seminar on Tuesday 18 June in Madrid, Spain.



Tap-to-shop: NFC in Retailing

18 June 2013At your computer

Click for more info

Join NFC World and Smartrac for an hour-long webinar at 14:00 BST in which we’ll take an in-depth look at how retailers can take advantage of NFC — beyond payments.


4th International Forum Remote Banking 2013

18 June 2013Moscow, Russia

4th International Forum Remote Banking 2013

Topics to be covered represent the latest trends of banking remote services development in Russia, says the organiser.



4th annual Auto-ID & Sensing Solutions Expo

13 June 2013Cambridge, USA


6th Mobile Commerce and Payment Innovations Summit

11-13 June 2013San Francisco, USA


Card, ATM & Mobile Expo 2013

11-13 June 2013Lagos, Nigeria


MobeyDay 2013

11 June 2013Barcelona, Spain


Global Payment Summit

6-7 June 2013Singapore


European ATMs 2013

5-6 June 2013London, UK


Fourth International Plus-Forum Cards and Payments

3-4 June 2013Moscow, Russia


Contactless Payments 2013

3-4 June 2013London, UK


Payments, Settlements and Remittances Asia 2013

30-31 May 2013Manila, Philippines


Mobile Money Africa 2013

27-29 May 2013Johannesburg, South Africa


CTIA 2013

21-23 May 2013Las Vegas, USA


Simposium USA 2013

20 May 2013Las Vegas, USA


NFC India Summit 2013

17 May 2013Mumbai, India


NFC Solutions Summit 2013

15-16 May 2013San Francisco, USA


Payment Trends China 2013

15 May 2013Beijing, China


Cards & Payments Middle East 2013

14-15 May 2013Dubai, UAE


BlackBerry Live

14-16 May 2013Orlando, USA


Cards & Payments Australasia 2013

13-14 May 2013Melbourne, Australia


Wallet Wars

8-9 May 2013New York, USA


Mobile Payment Innovations 2013

30 April 2013New Orleans, USA


RFID Journal Live!

30 April - 2 May 2013Orlando, USA


Cartes Afrique 2013

25-26 April 2013Marrakesh, Morocco


Near Field Communication World Asia 2013

24-25 April 2013Singapore

Card and Payments Asia 2013

“Co-located with Cards & Payments Asia, the eighth edition of Near Field Communication World Asia is the most dedicated NFC industry event in Asia,” says the organiser.



Cartes America 2013

23-25 April 2013Las Vegas, USA


Mobile Payments and Value Added Services

23-24 April 2013London, UK


3rd Annual Wireless Healthcare Asia Summit

22-23 April 2013Singapore


Mobile Payments & NFC World Summit 2013

18-19 April 2013Hong Kong


Wima NFC Monaco 2013

10-12 April 2013Monaco

WIMA Moanco 2013At WIMA NFC Monaco 2013 discover:

  • An exciting exhibition floor, presenting innovative applications, solutions, hardware and use cases from global companies to startups.
  • An interactive and educational conference programme including key industry leaders, end users and brands — and not just for payment.
  • Sponsor and exhibitor workshops on the exhibition floor, open to all attendees.
  • Lots of NFC use cases and new faces!

Cards, Payment and Identification 2013

10-12 April 2013São Paulo, Brazil


Mobile Payments Conference

10-11 April 2013New York, USA


World Cards and Payments 2013

2-3 April 2013Dubai, UAE


Cartes Asia 2013

27-28 March 2013Hong Kong


NFCP Global Summit 2013

20-22 March 2013London, UK

NFC Global 2013“Join this comprehensive NFC Summit, with three focus streams: Payment, transport, retail; a pre-conference NFC workshop, exhibition and a live contest and awards,” says the organiser. “This is a must-attend NFC and proximity conference-expo, presented through 50 high calibre speakers with thought provoking discussions and overall a well represented event.”


EPCA Summit 2013

20-22 March 2013Brussels, Belgium

The European Payments Consulting Association’s annual conference and exhibition.


NFC Payments Canada

20 March 2013Toronto, Canada

“NFC Payments Canada 2013, an event hosted by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association, will bring together leaders from the wireless and financial industries as well as other stakeholders in a collaborative and critical examination of mobile payments in Canada, the current state and where mobile payments are headed,” says the organiser.


6th Mobile Commerce Summit Asia

19-21 March 2013Singapore


Smart Device and Content 2013

19 March 2013New Delhi, India


Mobile Money Americas

18-21 March 2013Mexico City, Mexico


Tomorrow’s Transactions Forum

13-14 March 2013London, UK


“The Tomorrow’s Transactions Forum will take place on March 13th-14th, 2013 in London. Now in its sixteenth year, it once again promises the combination of thought leadership, discussion, learning and fun that has earned it the reputation of being unmissable for people interested in the future of retail electronic payments. This year, the event will be looking at the leading edge in mobile transactions, Islamic e-finance and new technologies amongst other topics. For more information and to book please visit this link. All delegates will receive a complimentary copy of Tomorrow’s Transactions 2013.”


Mobile Banking Southern Africa

13-14 March 2013Johannesburg, South Africa


Cards & Payments Africa

11-13 March 2013Johannesburg, South Africa


NFC & Smart World 2013

5-8 March 2013Tokyo, Japan


Mobile Finance & E-services Russia 2013

28 February 2013Moscow, Russia


The 2013 Mobile Payments & NFC Forum

26-27 February 2013Auckland, New Zealand


Mobile World Congress 2013

25-28 February 2013Barcelona, Spain


Isobar Create 32 Hackathon Singapore

23-24 February 2013Singapore

The latest in a series of hackathons held around the world by digital marketing agency Isobar, in which developers are challenged to create their own NFC apps in just 32 hours.


NFC Circle Event: NFC Goes Social

11 February 2013Cambridge, USA

A panel discussion which will focus on recent social applications of NFC — including smart posters and social networking tags — as well as emerging future opportunities. Runs from 18:00 until 21:00.


NFC and mobile payments workshops at Apps World North America 2013

7-8 February 2013San Francisco, USA


New for 2013, Apps World will be dedicating a day to mobile payments and NFC. Sessions will examine numerous in-depth issues such as how VAS can be incorporated into mobile banking to gain consumer buy-in, and what services consumers are demanding.

NFC World readers can save 25% on registration using the code “NFC25″.


Mobile Money & Payments Mexico 2013

6-7 February 2013Mexico City, Mexico


NFC 2013: Fifth International Workshop on Near Field Communication

5 February 2013Zurich, Switzerland

This event is produced in association with NFC Research Lab Hagenberg and Finland’s VTT, and is co-sponsored by the Swiss branch of the IEEE.


Smart Card Alliance 2013 Payments Summit

5-7 February 2013Salt Lake City, USA


Indian Ocean/South Asia Mobile Payments & Banking Summit 2013

30-31 January 2013Dhaka, Bangladesh


Transport Ticketing 2013

28-30 January 2013London, UK


Mobile Money Asia

28-31 January 2013Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


NFC Symposium 2013

23-25 January 2013Stockholm, Sweden

“NFC Symposium 2013 is the number one meeting place in Scandinavia for all the key stakeholders of the NFC ecosystem including banks, MNOs, credit card companies, device manufacturers, infrastructure suppliers, secure element issuers, TSMs, retailers and many more,” says organiser Midfield Media.



Nordic Card Markets

21-22 January 2013Copenhagen, Denmark


Digital Money Unconference – Toronto

15 January 2013Toronto, Canada

The aim of the event, which runs from 10am until 4pm, will be to foster cross-sector discussions on innovation around new business models in the world of payments and digital commerce. It is organized on a participant-driven agenda leveraging the ‘unconference’ format, where the topics of the day are decided on the day.



Omnicard 2013

15-17 January 2013Berlin, Germany


NRF 102nd Annual Convention & Expo

13-16 January 2013New York, USA

“Retail’s BIG Show,” says the US National Retail Federation.


2013 International CES

8-11 January 2013Las Vegas, USA

Follow announcements from the show in our CES 2013 section.


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