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Kona International is a smart card solution provider from South Korea with more than ten years experience in creating smart card based security and payment applications.

The company, which is also known as Kona-I, is now expanding globally after becoming the market leader in Korea. Kona offers the latest NFC mobile payment solutions incorporating HCE, tokenization and NFC contactless card-based PKI security.

See Kona Pay in action

The new Kona Pay platform is a customizable, end-to-end solution for card issuers that supports tokenization, physical cards, mobile payments via both HCE and SIM-based secure elements, and wearable devices. Find out more in this video:

Ask the experts…

These executives from Kona are on the NFC World+ Expert Panel and are ready to answer your questions:

A N M Khaleqdad Khan • Managing Director

A N M Khaleqdad KhanA N M Khaleqdad Khan is the managing director and head of business development at Kona Software Lab Ltd, an R&D centre and solution business wing of South Korean smart card industry pioneer Kona I Co Ltd.

Khan is happy to take questions on NFC, smart card and mobile payments topics including tokenization, NFC and EMV.

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Minaoar Hossain Tanzil • Chief Innovation Officer

Minaoar Hossain TanzilMinaoar Hossain Tanzil is chief innovation officer and head of solution business at Kona Software Lab Ltd.

Tanzil is happy to take questions subjects including EMV, payments and tokenization.

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Touhid Ahmed Choudhury • Senior Vice President of Product Management

Touhid Ahmed ChoudhuryTouhid Ahmed Choudhury is the senior vice president of product management at Kona Software Lab Ltd.

Touhid can take questions subjects including EMV, payments and tokenization.

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