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    3 December 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 3 December 2014, 13:46

    BitStraat equips Dutch merchants with Bitcoin POS terminals

    Dutch startup BitStraat has launched a project aimed at turning Amsterdam into Bitcoin City, providing one hundred merchants with a free tablet-based POS terminal they can use to process mobile payments made using the virtual currency.

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    3 December 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 3 December 2014, 13:06

    Office Depot delivers marketing messages to shoppers via Shazam audio watermarks

    Office Depot has become the first retail chain to roll out Shazam In-Store, a mobile marketing platform that makes use of the Shazam music discovery app, inaudible digital watermarks, a merchant’s overhead music system and a location-based platform developed by Mood Media to send promotional messages to shoppers’ mobile phones.

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    3 December 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 3 December 2014, 12:39

    BKM and Mekanist let Turkish diners pay by beacon

    Diners at Turkish restaurant Olivia’s Pizzeria have become the first in the country to be able to use their BKM Express digital wallet to pay for their meals with their mobile phone.

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    3 December 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 3 December 2014, 12:18

    Quikkly offers QR code alternative

    UK startup Quikkly has unveiled an alternative to QR codes that aims to provide an improved user experience and increased consumer uptake. “QR codes are great for machines, but they weren’t designed for people,” Quikkly says. “We’ve designed Quikkly Tags to be understandable by everyone. It’s clear what app to use and it’s clear what will happen when you scan the tag."

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    Partner news NFC

    2 December 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 2 December 2014, 18:31

    White paper explores the benefits of host card emulation

    A new white paper that explores how host card emulation (HCE) can overcome the challenges faced by service providers when implementing secure NFC services is now available to download from the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre.

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    27 November 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 27 November 2014, 15:52

    Danish carriers abandon mobile payments ambitions

    Paii, the mobile payments joint venture created by Danish mobile network operators TDC, Telenor, Telia and 3, has been sold to Swipp, a mobile payments service owned by a consortium of more than 60 banks, after Paii came to the conclusion that the telcos are not as well placed as banks to take the platform forward.

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    27 November 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 26 November 2014, 15:35

    Swirl reports positive consumer feedback on in-store beacon offers

    Six in ten (60%) shoppers who receive a beacon-triggered message while shopping in a store open and engage with the content and 30% redeem beacon-triggered offers at the point of sale, analysis by Bluetooth beacon offers platform Swirl has found.

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    26 November 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 26 November 2014, 15:13

    High value contactless payments arrive in the UK

    A new service that lets NFC phone users enter their PIN on their mobile device to confirm a high value transaction is making it possible for UK consumers to make contactless payments valued at more than the current £20 (US$32) transaction limit for the first time.

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    26 November 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 26 November 2014, 15:05

    Latvian merchants and ski resorts adopt NFC loyalty platform

    Latvian startup Walmoo has launched a mobile loyalty platform that uses standard NFC phones or tablets to provide customers with the ability to redeem coupons, discounts and offers. Ten merchants are live on the platform already and six ski resorts are to introduce the service early next year.

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    26 November 2014 • By Mike Clark • Last updated 26 November 2014, 13:34

    White paper explains NFC-enabled sensors and their uses

    A new paper that explains how NFC-enabled sensors can be used to deliver service improvements in “hundreds of applications in many market sectors” is now available to download from the NFC World+ Knowledge Centre.

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    October 27th, 2016

    This week's news

    1. UK consumers eye up iris scanning for banking biometrics
    2. LG to develop its own MST technology?
    3. Samsung Pay set to go live in Canada?
    4. NXP to be bought by Qualcomm in US$47bn deal
    5. NFC to lead sharp rise in global smart packaging market
    6. New MacBook Pro to support Touch ID?
    7. Federal Reserve calls for industry input on payments security
    8. Bell ID’s TSP to help Japan Apple Pay integration
    9. G&D to deliver prepaid wristbands for concerts and events
    10. Apple Pay transactions up 500% year on year, CEO reports
    11. EMVCo adds biometrics to 3-D Secure
    12. Samsung Pay boss reveals plans for ‘more aggressive expansion’
    13. UK supermarket chain trials NFC digital receipts
    14. Bank of America adds AI to mobile app
    15. US consumers ‘largely unfamiliar’ with contactless and mobile payments, research shows
    16. Mastercard to roll out biometric ID service in North America
    17. PayPal to be payment option in Messenger app
    18. App users positive on mobile payments
    19. Mastercard to launch artificial intelligence bots for banks and merchants
    20. Partnership deal for contactless payment wearables
    21. Visa opens up its tokenization platform to third party suppliers
    22. Apple Pay goes live in Japan
    23. Alipay targets 2bn global users
    24. PayPal talks up in-store mobile payments and One Touch adoption
    25. Alipay gains acceptance in US and Europe
    26. EMVCo and Fido to deliver biometric authentication standards for mobile payments
    27. Mastercard adds online Masterpass payments to Android Pay, Samsung Pay and Microsoft Wallet
    28. Blockchain authentication for mobile transactions
    29. Intel to put Visa payments technology into connected devices
    30. Delhi commuters to get wearable travel cards
    31. School children test wearable payments in Singapore
    32. US banks unveil money-transfer app
    33. US banks told to improve cyber security
    34. Face recognition ticketing system unveiled
    35. Apple Pay arriving in Germany?
    36. Chicago mobile ticket app hits 1m downloads
    37. Dubai bus passengers to get hands-free smart ticketing
    38. Visa works on blockchain B2B payment system
    39. Pizza Hut offers NFC tattoos that let customers order favourite takeaway
    40. Mastercard signs deal to roll out mobile payments in 33 African countries
    41. Meet NFC World’s partners at Money20/20
    42. French electronic wallets merge to create ‘universal mobile payment solution’
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