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    24 June 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 24 June 2014, 15:28

    BioCatch raises $10m to expand behavioural biometrics platform

    BioCatch has raised US$10million to expand its behavioural biometric authentication platform. The service collects and analyses more than 400 behavioural signals and is used by banks to detect suspicious behaviour online. It is now also available to online merchants to manage high-risk transactions and authenticate repeat customers.

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    24 June 2014 • By Sarah Clark • Last updated 24 June 2014, 14:00

    5.5bn people to use biometric security by 2019

    There will be 5.5 billion users of mobile and wearable biometric technology around the world by 2019, according to a new report from Goode Intelligence.

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    23 June 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 24 June 2014, 12:54

    Washington Metro to test NFC payments in 2015

    Washington Metro (WMATA) is preparing to pilot NFC payments, allowing passengers to pay for their journey with an NFC smartphone or a contactless bank or ID card. Some 2,000 passengers, 10 metro stations, 50 buses and two parking facilities are to participate in the test next year.

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    23 June 2014 • By Sarah Clark • Last updated 25 June 2014, 15:06

    SimAlliance: HCE will grow the market for SIM-based NFC payments

    Host Card Emulation (HCE) is likely to lead to higher demand for SIM-based NFC payments services and new opportunities for mobile network operators, SIMalliance — which initially warned against HCE for security reasons — has now decided.

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    20 June 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 20 June 2014, 16:21

    Brixton Pound uses BLE to let residents pay local businesses with their mobiles

    Businesses across the London district of Brixton are to be equipped with Bluetooth beacons that will allow residents to make mobile payments using the Brixton Pound, a local currency designed to encourage consumers to spend their money in independent local businesses.

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    20 June 2014 • By Sarah Clark • Last updated 20 June 2014, 12:01

    Planet Sub picks LevelUp for mobile payments and rewards

    US sandwich chain Planet Sub is now offering customers a mobile app that lets them make payments and earn rewards. The company is using a white label version of LevelUp for the service.

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    20 June 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 20 June 2014, 11:51

    Pajco lets US consumers pay by mobile at the pump

    Pajco, owner of convenience store chains Rhodes 101 and Mercato di Rodi, is working with NCR to offer its customers the ability to pay for fuel by scanning a QR code on a fuel dispenser with their mobile phone.

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    20 June 2014 • By Sarah Clark • Last updated 20 June 2014, 16:12

    Denny’s tests mobile rewards

    US family restaurant chain Denny’s is piloting a mobile rewards program that lets diners use an iOS or Android app to collect a point for every dollar they spend. The trial is taking place at restaurants in Seattle, WA and Buffalo, NY.

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    19 June 2014 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 19 June 2014, 13:53

    Tap2Tag launches NFC medical alert devices

    UK-based startup Tap2Tag has introduced a range of NFC wristbands, key fobs, cards and stickers that can be used to instantly retrieve a person’s medical history and associated information in an emergency.

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    19 June 2014 • By Sarah Clark • Last updated 19 June 2014, 11:31

    American Airlines pilots BLE beacons in Dallas

    American Airlines is to run a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon pilot at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), allowing travellers to access a range of wayfinding and location-based services from their mobile device. The project will be “the world’s biggest airport deployment of beacons to date” and is to be rolled out over the summer to beta users “on select routes and airports in North America”.

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    April 29th, 2016

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    1. SumUp and Payleven merge
    2. Payback to add NFC payments to mobile app
    3. PayPal CEO announces NFC payments expansion
    4. Deutsche Bank to launch NFC payments in Q3
    5. Gemalto named as leading mobile ticketing vendor
    6. MasterCard to reduce EMV checkout time
    7. Samsung Pay goes live at Woori Bank ATMs
    8. Australia’s ANZ adds support for Apple Pay
    9. A quarter of Brits have made an in-store mobile payment
    10. Tangerine adds biometrics to mobile banking app
    11. Samsung Pay to launch in Australia “very soon”
    12. More than half of payment cards shipped in 2015 were contactless
    13. Apple Pay gets 1m new users every week
    14. Adidas builds NFC into racing suits for FIA authentication
    15. IoT security spending to reach $348m this year
    16. Three quarters of Brits expect to be cash-free by 2021
    17. European spend on payments technology to rise
    18. Emirates Islamic takes banking to Twitter
    19. Tutuka to roll out cloud-based payments with Proxama
    20. NFC SIM shipment remains static in 2015 due to Softcard closure
    21. Vodafone Wallet wins PX Award
    22. Visa amends financial details of Visa Europe acquisition
    23. Nearly one in four payments at US Starbucks made via mobile
    24. 42% of UK mobile users don’t trust NFC mobile payments
    25. Xiaomi to launch Xiaomi Pay in China
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