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27 November 2013 • By Karl Dyer • Last updated 27 November 2013, 13:32

Diamond Circle to turn NFC tags into Bitcoin wallets

An Australian startup is to begin issuing NFC tags that act as Bitcoin wallets, NFC readers that merchants can use to charge customers in Bitcoins, and to provide Bitcoin ATMs that can be used to issue new wallet tags as well as top up and withdraw funds from Bitcoin accounts.

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27 November 2013 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 17 December 2014, 12:32

Federal Reserve reports on barriers to NFC adoption in the US

The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston has published a summary of a June meeting of its Mobile Payments Industry Workgroup (MPIW) that sets out a number of reasons why NFC has not yet taken off in the US. It also suggests actions the workgroup could take to increase the adoption of contactless mobile payments.

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26 November 2013 • By Karl Dyer • Last updated 26 November 2013, 13:32

Hong Kong banks agree NFC payment standards

The Hong Kong Association of Banks (HKAB) has issued Best Practice for NFC Mobile Payment in Hong Kong, a set of common standards and best practices that aims to help establish an interoperable, as well as safe and effective, NFC mobile payment infrastructure.

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26 November 2013 • By Karl Dyer • Last updated 26 November 2013, 11:56

OrientDeal offers OEM NFC phone

Chinese supplier OrientDeal has launched the OrientPhone P6 Plus, an OEM NFC smartphone with a 6-inch Full HD display and 13 megapixel rear camera.

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25 November 2013 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 25 November 2013, 15:52

One in ten consumers say they have an NFC phone

The number of consumers with an NFC phone has doubled since 2012 according to Deloitte‘s third annual Global Mobile Consumer Survey, with 10% of 37,600 consumers surveyed in 20 countries saying they know that they have the technology embedded in their smartphone. 62% say they do not and 28% do not know if their phone has NFC or not.

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25 November 2013 • By Karl Dyer • Last updated 25 November 2013, 15:17

US department stores add NFC tags to shoes

Thirty US department stores are to place NFC labels on items in their shoe sections, letting shoppers tap a product to find out if their size and preferred colour is in stock and, if not, get details of the nearest store that has stock available or place an online order for later delivery.

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22 November 2013 • By Sarah Clark • Last updated 22 November 2013, 11:52

Vodafone to launch NFC mobile wallet across Europe

Mobile network operator Vodafone‘s NFC mobile wallet is going live today in Spain, will be available in Germany in mid-December and expand to the Netherlands, UK and Italy in spring 2014. Vodafone Wallet works with a range of NFC phones as well as with NFC tags that can be used by customers with other smartphones and feature phones.

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22 November 2013 • By Karl Dyer • Last updated 22 November 2013, 11:18

Isis Alliance Program to support merchant technology providers

US carrier joint venture Isis has introduced the Isis Alliance Program, an initiative designed to support “merchant technology ecosystem partners with exclusive tools and resources to capitalise on the opportunities created by mobile commerce.”

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21 November 2013 • By Karl Dyer • Last updated 21 November 2013, 19:12

ConfGames uses NFC to gamify conferences

German startup ConfGames is using NFC tags to add game mechanics to conferences with the aim of encouraging networking and interaction between visitors and sponsors.

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21 November 2013 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 21 November 2013, 13:54

Fashion retailer to personalize shopping in flagship store with NFC

Swiss online fashion store is to use NFC to identify shoppers and drive personalized communications between the brand and its customers when it opens its first brick and mortar store in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

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October 10th, 2015

This week's news

  1. Optus expands NFC payments to prepaid customers
  2. ICICI Bank launches mVisa mobile payments
  3. Barclays to support Apple Pay from early 2016?
  4. Starbucks, KFC and Chili’s to support Apple Pay
  5. Tangerine tests facial recognition
  6. MasterCard partners with P97 to enable mobile payments and rewards at the pump
  7. Ingenico integrates Bitcoin mobile payments into POS terminals
  8. Seqr offers refer-a-friend rewards
  9. Samsung responds to LoopPay hack
  10. NYT reports on LoopPay breach
  11. Starbucks Canada to add Mobile Order & Pay
  12. Scotiabank expands availability of NFC mobile wallet service
  13. Microsoft adds Windows Hello to new devices
  14. Verizon agrees to support Samsung Pay
  15. JCB to pilot palm vein payments in Japan
  16. Aramark and Tapingo take mobile payments to 25 US universities
  17. Chevron to offer NFC mobile payments at the pump
  18. Vein recognition market to grow 27% a year
  19. Moo launches range of NFC business cards
  20. DART to implement NFC fare payment system
  21. MasterCard to add biometric security to online transactions in 2016
  22. 226bn transactions to be secured with biometrics by 2020
  23. House of Fraser adds AR to mobile app
  24. Fingerprint sensor shipments to reach 1bn units by 2020
  25. Miami Heat fans get mobile payments and ticketing
  26. Pinterest expands availability of Buyable Pins
  27. Industry veterans seek funding for NFC payments ring
  28. Under half of US small businesses aware of EMV
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