Gearing up for handset production

OPINION: In some ways, NFC seems very simple. Stick an RF antenna in a phone, link it to a secure element so that sensitive data can be stored safely, and off you go. Or maybe not…

As Stollmann’s Christian Luhrs explained this week, it’s relatively simple to make a single phone for use in low volume field test environments. Handset manufacturers, though, tend to be more interested in the mass market, where technologies need to be quick and easy to implement and to keep up to date across multiple devices and multiple platforms.

And, for that, you need international standards — which we have. And you need both standards-compliant components and software tools that mean a manufacturer doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel every time it wants to add functionality to a new device. And that, with deals like the one signed by Stollmann and STMicroelectronics, is now finally becoming a reality.

Sarah Clark, Editor