Brazil’s Bradesco bank seeks revenue sharing model for introduction of NFC

Brazilian bank Bradesco aims to bring NFC to market via a revenue sharing model, the bank’s President told delegates to Futurecom on Thursday, Brazilian publication TI Inside reports.

As NFCW reported last month, the bank is currently running a small scale NFC test in conjuction with Visa, mobile operator Claro, VisaNet Brasil and Banco do Brasil.

Responding to a question from the floor, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi explained that “We are researching the best way to integrate this solution,” adding that he backs the idea of creating a model for sharing revenue between the three actors in this market.

Ideally, he explained, this would involve the creation of a mechanism, or even a separate company, that would bring together the interests of all the companies involved, including the mobile operators, the banks and the credit card companies.

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