Research shows potential of NFC in helping homeowners manage their keys more securely

New consumer research conducted by UK home insurer Esure provides some fascinating insight into the way that British consumers manage their household keys — and throws light on the potential of NFC phones, with their ability to store electronic versions of keys and update them over-the-air, to improve the way in which consumers manage their home security.


The research found that:

  • The average Brit owns or carries a total of nine keys but has no idea what at least three of them are for. 27% of those polled said that they own between 10 and 15 different keys, with a further 9% possessing 21 or more separate keys.
  • 20% keep the keys to their old home after moving but only 30% change the locks when moving into a new home.
  • 20% of homes have a key hidden within ten feet of the front door. The most common hiding place is beneath a rock in the garden, with 13% of Brits admitting to employing this tactic, followed by plant pots (12%), underneath door mats (10%) and even under car tyres (7%).
  • 12% don’t change their locks after having their keys stolen and a further 11% don’t change their locks after losing their keys — even though 5% have a tag carrying their home address attached to their keys.