Nokia and Jiepang demo NFC check-ins

Nokia has teamed up with China’s leading location-based service Jiepang to demonstrate NFC social check-in services.

Visitors to the Apps@Smartphone Asia Expo in Hong Kong this week can interact with a Jiepang poster which has a NFC chip embedded in it. By swiping a Nokia C7 over the poster, visitors will be able to check-in and share with their friends the fact that they are visiting the demo zone.

Jiepang NFC poster
NFC DEMO: Jiepang's smart poster prompts users to check in. Click to enlarge.

Jiepang offers apps for the iPhone, Android and other mobile devices that let users share that they’ve arrived at specific venues, as well as share tips, photos, and comments around those venues. To date, more than 300 brands have partnered with Jiepang, including Starbucks, McDonald’s, Nike and Louis Vuitton.

In April 2011, Jiepang conducted an NFC trial at the Strawberry Music Festival. The company distributed 1,500 NFC tags at the event and five affiliated venues in Beijing that allowed users to check-in to the service via NFC.

“Nokia and Jiepang both are NFC pioneers, thus good partners to illustrate how convenient NFC check-ins can be,” says David Liu, Jiepang’s founder and CEO. “We are happy to explore and leverage this new technology to improve user experience.”