Nokia launches NFC speakers and music receiver

Nokia MD-310 with NFC
MD-310: Wireless Music Receiver is an NFC-enabled phone dock for home hi-fi. Click to enlarge.

Nokia has introduced two NFC-enabled accessories, the Nokia Wireless Music Receiver and the Nokia Play 360° wireless speaker.

The Nokia MD-310 Wireless Music Receiver is a wireless dock that enables music to be streamed from a Nokia phone or other Bluetooth device to a home stereo system and allows music options to be controlled and streamed with CD-quality sound from up to 100m away.

An NFC phone can be paired with the receiver with a touch:

Nokia MD-50 with NFC
PLAY 360: Nokia's MD-50 speaker can pair via NFC. Click to enlarge.

The Nokia MD-50 Play 360° wireless speaker is designed to provide clear 360-degree sound, from high treble to rich bass tones. It can be connected to any device wirelessly through Bluetooth, via a cable into a 3.5mm audio jack or, with an NFC phone, at a touch.

The sound automatically mutes when a call is received on a connected phone, and two of the speakers can be paired with the same source device to give the left and right stereo channels.

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