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    Google+ includes support for NFC tag reading

    The search giant’s new social networking project includes built-in support for tag reading, letting users with NFC phones simply read a tag to post information stored in it to their Google+ account.

    Google’s major new social networking project Google+ has been designed to include support for NFC tag reading. The feature was first spotted by Singapore-based software developer Ridzuan Ashim:

    Google+ was launched in beta last week and currently includes:

    • Circles, a grouping feature that allows users to share information only with people within a particular circle, such as family, colleagues or friends.
    • Sparks, an online sharing engine designed to allow users to strike up a conversation on topics of interest.
    • Hangouts, a multi-person video service allowing users to chat online face-to-face with members of their circles.
    • Mobile, providing instant uploading of photos to a private album in the cloud that can then be shared with the user’s choice of circles.
    • Huddle, a group messaging experience designed to let members of a circle schedule time together.

    Of particular interest to NFC World readers looking to build solutions around the Google+ NFC features, the project includes a Google Check-ins facility and business pages are also on their way.

    • What a cool feature not to have advertised.

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