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    Top Google, Square, Visa and Verifone executives to go on stage with Isis today

    Fortune Brainstorm Tech

    The ‘Mobile Payments Smackdown’ session at the Fortune Brainstorm Tech event today is set to be the venue for the first live discussion of the NFC deals signed by the major US payments networks with Isis — and NFC World readers can tune in to watch the discussions live via a free webcast provided by the event organisers.

    Participants in the session are set to include:

    • Michael Abbott, CEO, Isis
    • Jim McCarthy, global head of product, Visa
    • Stephanie Tilenius, VP of commerce and payments, Google
    • Doug Bergeron, CEO, Verifone Systems
    • Keith Rabois, chief operating officer, Square

    The session begins at 16:35 MDT (22:35 GMT) today, 19 July 2011.

    UPDATE This 39-minute session was filmed and can now be seen here.

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