Sharp launches Android NFC tablet in Japan

The RW-T107 Android 2.3 tablet includes an NFC interface that allows it to be used in stores and other commercial locations to read loyalty, membership, ID and other contactless cards.

Sharp RW-T107 NFC tablet
RW-T107: Sharp's NFC tablet will arrive in Japan next month

Sharp has announced a new 7″ tablet that runs Android 2.3 Gingerbread and comes with built-in NFC functionality.

The RW-T107 is designed for the Japanese market so, although its NFC interface conforms to international NFC standards, software support is only provided at this time for Sony FeliCa contactless cards.

UPDATE The device also works with the internationally widely used ISO 14443 A contactless card standard.

“This unit can be utilized in a wide range of business support services such as marketing and sales,” says Sharp. The tablet can be used to read and write to a wide range of loyalty, membership and other types of ID card. To prevent unauthorised usage, employees can also be required to sign in using their FeliCa employee ID card before being able to use the tablet.

The RW-T107 will begin shipping on 5 September and Sharp plans to build 5,000 units a month.

  • ed

    It is also worth noting that this NFC tablet device uses wi-fi only and not a telco data plan. This is the kind of device that I’m interested in, not something tied to a mobile operator who want to charge additional fees to use NFC. (can translate to English if necessary)

  • Cartan

    RW-T107 tablet supports both FeliCa and TypeA. It is published in the Sharp News Release information.
    Sorry for Japanese only.

    • Thanks, @Cartan — we’ve updated the story 🙂