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    News in brief

    Oz lottery players tap phones

    News in brief

    Australian NFC marketer Tapit is using the technology to promote a scratch card game for SA Lotteries. Players can enter to win A$5,000 by tapping an NFC tag or reading a QR code on smart posters on phone booths in five locations in Adelaide. The contest provides the lottery company with contact information for consumers interested in winning prizes. “This campaign highlights the benefits of yet another commercial use of NFC to build customer interaction and engagement in a simple way,” says Tapit’s Andrew Davis.

    Filed by Email Paula Berger Published • Last updated 21 November 2011, 18:05

    • This shows yet another use/application for NFC to increase brand interaction. Competitions are just one of many e.g. Call to action = Commercial Benefit
      – enter a survey/questionnaire
      – Social Media e.g. like on Facebook, follow on Twitter,
      – download a discount coupon or promotional code
      – download an App
      – mobile purchasing i.e. m-commerce
      – submit a brand review
      – sign up to a newsletter
      – quick “Dial a number” and “Quick SMS”

      Deliver branded content to clients
      – text e.g. product information, menus
      – audio e.g. audio city tours, music sharing
      – video e.g. Movie trailer, gaming
      – image e.g. photo sharing, travel timetables

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