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    2degrees to test NFC

    News in brief

    New Zealand carrier 2degrees is to announce an NFC transportation ticketing pilot in the city of Wellington this week, the Dominion Post reports. Commuters will be able to use their NFC phones to pay for bus fares, as an alternative to the existing Snapper contactless cards, says the report. It will be the second NFC ticketing pilot announced for New Zealand this week, following the news that Telecom New Zealand, Westpac and Paymark are to test NFC in Auckland.

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    • n4

      Who said it was a pilot? Sounds like a commercial launch from the article…

    • Bob

      Please note that this is a FULL Commercial deployment that can be used by over 250K active users in Wellington and Auckland, which are New Zealand’s 3rd largest & largest cities respectively.

      This is a UICC/SIM based solution using a SIM card resident Secure Element and SIMalliance Open Mobile API in the Android OS.

      It has launched with one fully compliant handset (LG Optimus Net) but will have 5 handsets by end of July – including the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

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