NXP reports 200 NFC phone and tablet design wins

40% of these are either in production already or will be going into production over the next few quarters, says CEO Rick Clemmer, as the company reports revenues of US$50m from its emerging ID business.

NXP CEO Rick Clemmer
CLEMMER: “Our mobile transaction design win momentum continues to build”

NXP has now achieved two hundred design wins for NFC phones and devices, CEO Rick Clemmer has told analysts during the company’s second quarter 2012 earnings call, up from the 90 devices reported during its Q3 2011 earnings call.

“Within our emerging ID business, which includes mobile transactions and authentication, revenue was US$50m, up US$27m sequentially,” he explained. “Our mobile transaction design win momentum continues to build, not only in shipments but also with approximately two hundred unique handset and tablet design wins awarded. Of these projects, roughly 40% are either in production or moving towards production over the [next] few quarters.”

Overall, NXP’s ID business generated revenues of US$234m during the second quarter. “Automatic fare collection, banking and tags and labels were all up robustly in the quarter,” Clemmer said.

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