Identive powers NFC at MWC Connected City

Identive’s Tagtrail NFC platform is being used in deliver information to visitors to the GSMA’s Connected City exhibit at Mobile World Congress 2013.

The GSMA's Connected City exhibit

“The Connected City will be filled with brand-new products and experiences that will reveal a future where everyone and everything will benefit from intelligent wireless connections, across all vertical industries — including automotive, health, education, retail — and in our own homes,” says the GSMA. “These will be brought to life within a real city environment, complete with a street, a car showroom, office, town hall, department store, mobile shop, apartment, electrical store, hotel and café.

“Conference attendees who tap their phones to Identive’s near field communication tags or QR codes placed on posters from participating exhibitors will receive product and service literature, videos, incentives and other marketing content via Identive’s cloud-based Tagtrail service,” says Identive. “Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to download Tagtrail’s mobile app, which allows them to organize, re-live and share the content via social media during and after the show.”