Rough Draft beer concept uses NFC to phone home

Rough Draft beer

London-based print specialist Diginate has created Rough Draft, a concept interactive beer that uses NFC tags placed on beer bottles to send simultaneous messages to home, work and friends.

“We recently made some interactive NFC-enabled labels for a beer we brewed in our office,” Diginate’s Jon Gulbrandsen told NFC World. “It’s the world’s first NFC beer, as far as we know.”

When tapped, Rough Draft presents the drinker with a map that locates all pubs in the immediate area and sends:

  • A text message letting someone know you’ll be home late
  • An email to your boss telling them you don’t think you’ll be in tomorrow
  • A tweet inviting friends to join you

“There are other ‘interactive’ beers out there (not for general sale though), but all they do is light up when you touch it,” says Diginate. “This is definitely the first beer in the world that will tell your boss you’re sick!”