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    Guinness adds NFC to founts across UK and Ireland

    Thousands of Guinness dispensers are now NFC-enabled

    BEER TAP: Thousands of Guinness dispensers are now NFC-enabled, with more to follow

    Guinness has installed 11,442 drink dispensers equipped with NFC functionality in pubs and bars across the UK, as well as 2,800 in Ireland. Plans call for a further 53,000 founts in the UK and 12,155 in Ireland to get NFC by 2015.

    The NFC founts are already being used in a trial run at 20 Stonegate Pub Group bars and pubs, using Proxama‘s TapPoint NFC platform.

    “Guinness is committed to using innovation to develop new marketing tools that will excite consumers and drive valuable sales for our customers,” says brand marketing manager Nick Britton.

    “The new NFC activity is a prime example of this, and shows how we have implemented the latest technology in our founts, to keep our audience engaged whilst rewarding them with offers, vouchers, competitions and content.”

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