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    VivaLnk develops digital tattoos that unlock NFC phones

    VivaLnk's NFC tattoo

    STICKERS: VivaLnk’s NFC tattoo uses the company’s eSkin flexible electronics technology

    Moto X phone owners can now protect access to their mobile using a ‘digital tattoo’ developed by VivaLnk that can be positioned on the wrist and stays in place for five days.

    The Vivalnk tattoos are 25mm diameter circular stickers just 160µm thick and use “medical grade” adhesives from 3M to attach to the user’s skin. The tattoos come in packs of ten — “about a month’s supply” — and each pack costs US$$9.99.

    Motorola’s Moto X is an Android smartphone which can be unlocked with an NFC tag. Multiple smartphones can be paired with each tattoo and up to five digital tattoos can be paired with a single Moto X device, Vivalnk says.

    The eSkin technology used in the tattoos was developed by Vivalnk in collaboration with Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects group.

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