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    VivaLnk shows wearable NFC thermometer

    Vivalnk's NFC-based eSkin Thermometer

    Digital tattoo inventor Vivalnk is to launch an NFC-based wearable thermometer that adheres to skin and provides accurate temperature measurements directly to a smartphone without requiring a battery.

    The eSkin Thermometer, on show at the CES in Las Vegas this week, includes NFC chip technology from NXP together with a sensor which takes an accurate body temperature reading in less than three seconds.

    “This thermometer is nothing more than a soft, breathable sticker with a child-approved friendly teddybear design,” the company explains. “The eSkin Thermometer patch works with a smartphone to provide a range of smart feature possibilities. The initial product release will include the ability to record and track fevers.

    “VivaLnk is in the process of completing the initial product design. A limited amount of samples will be available for interested partners in January 2015.”

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