Nearly half of iPhone 6 owners successfully using Apple Pay

Nearly half (46%) of US iPhone 6 owners have now successfully used Apple Pay, up from 42% two months ago, and 63% of those are using the mobile payments service on a weekly basis, the bi-monthly Apple Pay Tracker from Auriemma Consulting Group (ACG) has revealed.

AppleThe research, based on a survey of 500 iPhone 6 owners in the US, finds that 67% of those that have used Apple Pay in-store are now migrating towards merchants that accept the service and 51% say that they are using other payment methods, such as cash, less often since they began using Apple Pay.

However, 45% of respondents have reported experiencing issues while setting up Apple Pay and the main complaint for the service is the lack of retailers that accept it.

“Mobile payments still comprise only a small fraction of overall payments volume,” says Marianne Berry, managing director of ACG’s Payment Insights practice. “Apple Pay is the first service to garner double-digit numbers of users.

“As the upgrade cycle gives more consumers access to Apple Pay, and Android Pay comes to market, the long-awaited transformation of the payments industry may finally have begun. It will be interesting to see how US adoption patterns compare to those in the UK and in Canada — markets with higher penetration of NFC and contactless cards — when Apple Pay is rolled out there.”