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    Rio Olympics to get NFC wristbands?

    News in brief

    Visa has shown off a proof of concept NFC wristband in San Francisco, demonstrating how it could be used for making payments at the Rio 2016 Olympics next year. “Olympic hopefuls attending the Team Visa Summit learned to use new payment technologies that are expected to be implemented at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games including Visa Checkout and Samsung Pay,” Visa says. “We can’t yet confirm what kind of wearable payment devices we may have in Rio,” the company told NFC World.

    Filed by Email Rian Boden Published • Last updated 29 September 2015, 15:24

    • Hello Visa Checkout, goodbye clunky PayPal; you to Apple Pay …

      Apple Pay—the greatest media/marketing beat up yet of the 21st century!—too bad all that hot air will soon enough cool …

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