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    News in brief

    32% of US retailers to accept contactless by 2019

    News in brief

    Nearly a third (32%) of retail establishments in the US will accept contactless EMV card payments by 2019, Javelin forecasts. “In the next wave of card issuance, Javelin believes the speed and convenience offered by contactless EMV cards could be instrumental in gaining top-of-wallet status, as well as attracting and retaining more affluent customers,” says the research firm’s Michael Moeser.

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    • Robert.Walter

      Want to attract and retain affluent customers? Offer Apple Pay!

      • Willam Hugh Murray, CISSP

        I think you are right about the affluent customer. However, contactless is about saving EMV from mobile. When customers and merchants realize how slow contact EMV is, mobile, Apple Pay,, Android pay, and particularly Samsung Pay are going to look very good. Contactless readers enable mobile and contactless EMV puts Coin in the EMV club.

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