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    News in brief

    Westpac lets customers activate cards via mobile

    News in brief

    Westpac customers in Australia can now switch on new credit or debit cards using their smartphone’s camera and the bank’s mobile banking app. “The innovative feature activates the card in three simple steps by prompting customers to scan their card, confirm the card details captured are correct and tap to activate,” the bank says. “The new feature is a timesaver for our customers who can activate their card when and where it suits them.”

    Filed by Email Rian Boden Published • Last updated 12 November 2015, 18:56

    • No_Underscore

      Thanks for the post, while I didn’t use the camera scanning from within the app itself (as westpac doesn’t support the HCE method but an older system that only supports samsung devices) but the app had an association with a coffee ordering app which had partnered with westpac and was giving $5 credit if you scan an eligible westpac card.
      It should save a bit of time, except that that particular app hasn’t supported the camera2 api and as such my image from my 5x was upside-down, turning my card upside down helped but made correcting the alignment of the image counter intuitive… So not a time saver, but I did get a free coffee out of it.

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