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    News in brief

    Curve launches rewards, raises $3m in funding

    News in brief

    London-based startup Curve has launched a virtual Curve Rewards card through an app that allows consumers to spend points as currency when using the company’s physical payment card. “When you earn rewards, they’ll pop up on your Curve Rewards card as points,” the company says. “Simply choose the Rewards card in the app and use it to pay like you would any other bank card.” The Curve card was unveiled in February 2016. The company has also recently raised US$3m, taking its seed funding to around $5m.

    Filed by Email Rian Boden Published • Last updated 21 September 2016, 10:27

    • Aubin

      I have the Curve Black card and it’s awesome! £10 off with this code : KcVeL (you just have to put it before you finalize the payment)

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