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    News in brief

    FNB launches NFC mobile payments

    News in brief

    Customers of First National Bank (FNB) can now make NFC mobile payments using the latest version of the financial institution’s mobile banking app. “A first in Africa, FNB Pay enables customers to quickly and conveniently purchase goods below R200 (US$14.46) without entering their card PIN,” FNB says. Users can add “any of their FNB cards” to FNB App 5.0 for use with the new feature. The app includes support for fingerprint identification and a version has also been launched for smartwatch devices.

    Filed by Email Rian Boden Published • Last updated 10 October 2016, 14:15

    • Innovator

      Very smart move on the cap R200. Am sure you have also capped the number of transactions one can make per day. Just wondering what could go wrong here.

      • Jenge Engelbrecht

        The phone needs to be unlocked first(password required) or FNB app opened(Settings dependant). You will be required to enter the card pin for exceeding R200 and superswipe policy will restrict repetitive transactions on the same speed point. There is quite interesting security booby traps in place to prevent obvious skimming

    • Bongan Khumalo

      I just wonder what the response will be like from the other banks.

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