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    News in brief

    Apple Pay ranks fifth in online payments survey

    News in brief

    Apple Pay now has a 0.25% share of payments on the top 10,000 websites, analytics firm SimilarTech reveals, ranking in fifth place behind PayPal with a 2.36% lead, followed by the PayPal Subscribe Button (0.98%), Stripe (0.35%) and Braintree (0.32%). Amazon Payments comes in eighth place with 0.07%. Among the top 100,000 websites, Apple Pay remains in fifth place with a 0.11% share of the number of overall payments. It launched on the web in September 2016.

    Filed by Email Rian Boden Published • Last updated 10 November 2016, 16:03

    • Willam Hugh Murray, CISSP

      Most online merchants accept credit cards. Some accept PayPal. For the moment, few offer MasterPass, Visa CheckOut, or AmEx Express Pay, much less Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Android Pay and other proxies.

      We do not have to convince consumers to use these convenient and secure proxies. Rather we need to convince merchants to offer only proxies and not credit cards.

      It is ironic that the brands and issuers continue to tolerate and complain about “card not present fraud,” while failing to promote proxies and continuing to accept credit card numbers from online merchants. It is equally ironic that merchants are continuing to enrich the brands and issuers when there are safer and more convenient alternatives.

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