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    News in brief

    French bank offers Visa cards with dynamic security codes

    News in brief

    French bank Societe Generale is to offer retail customers in France the chance to replace their current Visa cards with ones featuring a dynamic security code developed by Oberthur Technologies. The OT Motion Card replaces the three-digit security number on the back of the card with a mini-screen displaying a code refreshed automatically and randomly every hour. The move comes after French bank card association Cartes Bancaires issued certification for OT Motion Code earlier this month.

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    • Willam Hugh Murray, CISSP

      Interesting. Credit cards or debit cards? CVV or PIN? This report makes it sound like CVV but it would be more valuable to replace the PIN.

      The CVV is used mostly in “card not present” transactions. Good practice (PCI DSS) says that merchants should never store it but we know that some do and it is vulnerable to replay.

      Cards with batteries and displays are more expensive and have a shorter life. These cards will be more secure but not more convenient. Consumers appear to be willing to pay for convenience but not security.

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