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    News in brief

    Mobile retail commerce to reach US$1,120bn by 2020

    News in brief

    The value of global mobile retail commerce is set to reach US$1,120bn by 2020, up from US$415bn in 2016, a white paper released by Aite Group predicts. Tracing the growth and uptake of digital wallet services across the mobile and e-commerce sector, the research states that the global online commerce market will grow to US$7,114bn overall by 2020. “Successful digital wallet providers will be those that offer consumers ease of use, peace of mind (regarding security), and the ability to transact anytime and anywhere,” says Aite Group senior analyst Ron van Wezel.

    Filed by Email Christopher Brown Published • Last updated 28 November 2016, 21:21

    • Willam Hugh Murray, CISSP

      “This forecast dwarfs those of a year ago. Predicting is difficult, particularly about the future,”

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