Garmin includes NFC payments in upmarket Marq smartwatches

Garmin unveils the Marq Collection: a series of lifestyle inspired connected tool watches, crafted to champion the life you live — Garmin — “The Marq Collection uses select materials, meticulously crafted and designed with the utmost attention to quality that help guarantee performance in the most demanding of environments… Each watch is built from titanium, which is lightweight yet incredibly strong. Combined with a domed sapphire crystal for ultimate scratch resistance, this creates the solid core for all Marq watches.” 

India to include NFC option in digital driving licences

Traffic violators beware, new driving licences, registration certificates coming from October — The Times of India — “The new DLs [driving licences] and RCs [vehicle registration certificates] will have a QR code that can be read by hand-held devices to access the past records of the driver or the vehicle from the central online database… ‘Though there was a proposal to make the chip and NFC feature mandatory, the Centre decided to leave the option to the state governments,’ said an official.” 

ST explores the role of NFC in cars

Q&A: The present and future of NFC in cars with ST — ST Microelectronics — PARTNER NEWS — “A couple of years ago, engineers needed to convince decision makers to use NFC in vehicles. Then Mercedes adopted our ST25R reader in their E-Class models. Now, decision makers want a reader because keyless entry and smartphone pairing are all the rage.” 

Beatie Wolff releases music album in NFC card deck format

Beatie Wolfe’s ‘intelligent’ Raw Space album features songs embedded in business cards — Dezeen — “Musician Beatie Wolfe has collaborated with eight graphic designers to create an album of cards that listeners tap against a smartphone to play… Scanning one of the business card-sized boards using a NFC reader app reveals an individual page for the track, which is complete with lyrics, the music video, photos, song notes and information about the card itself.” 

NXP opens doors in China with RocketXS NFC electronic locks

NXP drives convenience in Chinese Access Market with ‘RocketXS’ — NXP — PARTNER NEWS — “The RocketXS solution allows a quick and reliable unlocking via fingerprint, Bluetooth Low Energy and NFC. It also takes convenience and security to the next level as all NFC cards in a user’s wallet (phone) can be set as a door key. This means that the real key is hidden and only the user himself knows which one is right and thus increases the difficulty of break-ins and hacking.” 

Tappy launches token services platform that makes it easy for traditional watches to be turned into contactless payment devices

Tappy Technologies

PARTNER NEWS: Tappy Technologies has launched a platform which enables traditional brands to turn their watches easily into secure, contactless payment devices. Tappy’s Wearable Token Services Platform lets consumers link the details of their debit or credit card to their watch and use it to make payments wherever their card would be accepted worldwide. More

Meet NFC World’s partners at MWC19

MWC19 Barcelona logo

NFC World partners Antelop Solutions, Dejamobile, NXP, Rambus, STMicroelectronics and Tappy Technologies will be in Barcelona for MWC19 from Monday 25 to Thursday 28 February. Here’s what you can expect to see and where you can find them during the show… More

NXP adds support for FeliCa to NFC phones


PARTNER NEWS: NXP is adding support for FeliCa, the Japanese variant of NFC, to its NFC chipsets, beginning with a new PN81 series. The move will enable Japanese consumers to access global NFC applications “while worldwide travellers can securely perform FeliCa payment and ticketing services with their devices”. More

ETSI mandates hardware security for consumer IoT devices

Technical specification: Cyber Security for Consumer Internet of Things — ETSI — “Provision 4.4-1: Credentials and security-sensitive data shall be stored securely within services and on devices… Secure, trusted storage mechanisms can be used to secure security-sensitive data, such as those provided by a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) and associated trusted, secure storage, or the secure storage and processing capabilities of software running on a Universal Integrated Circuit Card UICC/embedded Universal Integrated Circuit Card (eUICC).” 

ST ships its one billionth secure element

STMicroelectronics breaks major milestone for ST33 secure chips with over one billion sold to secure the connected world — STMicroelectronics — “STMicroelectronics… has recorded cumulative sales of over one billion units for its ST33 embedded-security ICs… Based on a common certified secure platform featuring state-of-the-art cyber protection, the ST33 family’s flexible architecture has enabled ST to lead the development of new classes of security chips including embedded SIMs (eSIMs), embedded secure elements (eSEs), and trusted platform modules (TPMs).”