NFC Symposium 2013

“NFC Symposium 2013 is the number one meeting place in Scandinavia for all the key stakeholders of the NFC ecosystem including banks, MNOs, credit card companies, device manufacturers, infrastructure suppliers, secure element issuers, TSMs, retailers and many more,” says organiser Midfield Media.

This year’s agenda will focus on:

  • NFC-driven payments, including cell-phone based and other innovative technologies
  • NFC ticketing in diverse domains, such as public transport, airports, culture & tourism
  • Loyalty schemes
  • Access control and authentication
  • Mobile marketing as a tool to increase customer adoption
  • And last but not least: Business models!

NFC Symposium 2013 will be chaired by Joe Davies, NFC World’s associate editor. “If you’re there, come on up and introduce yourself,” says Joe. “I want to make sure everyone gets maximum value from this valuable networking and learning opportunity.”

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Organised by Midfield Media.

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