NFC Symposium 2014

NFC Symposium 2014

“NFC Symposium, now in its third year, is the leading Nordic NFC platform where all key stakeholders in the ecosystem — including banks, MNOs, transport operators, retailers, TSMs and many others — gather to discuss the latest developments and future business opportunities,” says the organiser.

“Our goal remains the same: to drive the fast adoption of NFC. This year, we will go beyond showcasing successful trials and discussing models of co-operation; what we need now is a real trigger. Last year we agreed that customer adoption is the key, but to achieve that we need to get retailers engaged first.

“In 2014, we will put an extra focus on the needs of the retail industry, address their concerns and help them refine their strategies. Insight-filled discussions, plenty of networking and numerous inspirational presentations from leading companies promise a great conference that you are welcome to join!”

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Organised by Midfield Media.

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