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These resources are provided for use by event organisers where we have a media partnership agreement in place.

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NFC World logoBelow are NFC World logos in the sizes and formats we most often get asked for.

Simply right click on a link and choose ‘save as’ (or your browser’s equivalent) to save.

If you’d like a specific size that’s not here just let us know and we’ll make it up for you.

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PNG (24 bit with transparency)

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Please link to

In print, our link can be shown as

Descriptive text

Our preferred descriptive text is:

NFC World

NFC World is the number one industry publication for those that design, supply, buy or use products and services based on near field communication.

NFC World also produces a free email newsletter which summarises the week’s key developments in the global NFC industry and is sent to thousands of subscribers all over the world.

Read NFC World and sign up for the free email newsletter at

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