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NFC World connects technology and service providers with business decision makers actively interested in buying into next-generation commerce technologies.

69% of NFC World readers are management level and above, 27% are in the C-suite

Every month more than 75,000 unique visitors come to NFC World to discover, understand and begin making decisions on whether to adopt an emerging commerce technology, who to buy from and when to make their move.

Average visit time: 5m 30sSince its launch in 2008 NFC World has built a uniquely engaged audience, with readers spending an average of five minutes and 30 seconds on each visit.

Decision makers regularly visit NFC World because our editorial team has a clear goal: “We help busy executives understand how the latest technologies can be used to benefit their business.”

Our coverage is businesslike and built on solid market knowledge, familiarity with technology and regular dialogue with key players.

We never simply publish a press release and we never publish an article we don’t understand. Instead, whenever there is an important development, we talk to those involved so we have a clear understanding of the issues — and so do our readers.

Our marketing services let you build a connection with our global audience, establish thought leadership, increase brand awareness and generate leads that have a direct impact on revenues.

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