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    NFC World+ gives you the opportunity to reach a massive and deeply engaged audience with real buying power.

    More than 100,000* unique visitors from around the world come to NFC World+ each month while thousands more follow the RSS feed and the @nfcw Twitter account.

    12,600+ opt-in subscribers get our weekly email newsletter.

    On average, our readers spend five minutes and thirty seconds on each visit, showing how engaged they are with the information we provide and how keen they are to learn.

    Readers spend longer on site

    NFC World+ readers are the most deeply engaged

    Time on site
    Source:’s ‘Time on site’ comparison
    Alexa "Time on Site" graph, October 2015

    Reaching senior executives

    Reader job level

    Reader job level

    69% of readers are management level or above, half (47%) work for companies employing more than 100 people, 34% are buyers of technology products and services while a further 22% act as consultants and advisors.

    Reaching into enterprises

    Company size (employees)

    Company size (employees)

    28% of NFC World readers work for large corporations, nearly half work for companies with more than 100 employees.

    Reaching new prospects worldwide

    Visitor origin

    Visitor origin

    NFC World+ has a truly global audience with one third of readers in the Americas, one third in Europe, and one third in Asia Pacific and beyond.

    Reaching into key verticals

    Markets and industries

    Key reader groups include:
    Source: NFC World+ internal data
    Technology and solution providers24%
    Banking and financial services11%
    Telecoms and mobile network operators9%
    Merchants, retailers and brands8%
    Advertising agencies and media owners7%
    Security and facilities management7%
    Handset and device manufacturers5%
    Transport, tourism and entertainment4%

    Reaching out through social media

    Off-site readers

    Source: Mailchimp, Twitter, Feedburner,
    Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, 1 October 2014
    Email newsletter11,462
    Twitter (@nfcw)9,494
    RSS feed3,334
    Linkedin group2,260
    Facebook1,818 likes

    Information on NFC World+, the effectiveness of our results and our full range of marketing and advertising opportunities is available here.

    * 144,508 unique visitors and 395,029 pageviews in September 2014.
    Source: Google Analytics

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