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Membership of the NFC World Expert Panel builds the profile of your executives, showcases expertise and generates inbound enquiries throughout the year.

The NFC World Expert Panel

Every month more than 100,000 people visit NFC World to learn about emerging technologies. Our Expert Panel puts its members front of mind when readers look for input on a project, makes it easy for readers to make contact with your experts and provides on-going opportunities to contribute to the NFC World Knowledge Centre.

Our industry experts are the first port of call for our editorial team when researching articles, investigating questions from readers and sourcing speakers for educational broadcasts, giving members opportunities to demonstrate their thought leadership and technical expertise throughout the year.

Members are welcomed to the panel in a news article written by our editorial team. Each expert also has their own profile page on NFC World and is included in our Ask the Experts page. This is accessed from a top level menu option in the main navigation of NFC World, making it easy for readers to reach out with their questions.

Your profile on NFC World

An expert profileAll members of the NFC World Expert Panel get their own profile on NFC World. This includes:

  • A biography of the expert that showcases their credentials plus details of their areas of expertise.
  • Up to three tags that let readers search for experts with expertise in a particular technology or market of interest.
  • A head and shoulders photo, to promote recognition at events and “put a face to the name”.
  • Ways to connect with readers: Each profile can contain email contact details for the expert, their marketing department or assistant, a blog RSS feed, Twitter handle and links to Google+ and LinkedIn profiles.

How our Ask the Experts service works

  • Each expert may select up to three topics in which they have particular expertise.
  • Each time a reader submits a question on one of those topics, our team sends an email to all relevant experts (or a nominated alternative contact, such as a marketing representative).
  • The email will include details of the reader’s question and their contact details so that you can then respond to them directly.

Membership of the NFC World Partner Program includes the opportunity to nominate up to three senior executives or technical experts to our Expert Panel. Membership of the Expert Panel is also available on an individual basis.

You can see a sample profile page here and see all the current members of the NFC World Expert Panel here. Full details of the NFC World Partner Program are available here.

Information on NFC World, our readership, the effectiveness of our results and our full range of marketing and advertising opportunities is available here.

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