NFC World has a track record for delivering surprisingly effective results.

Technology and service providers from the largest multinational to the smallest startup have found that NFC World exceeds the anticipated ROI of their campaigns, produces results that have a real impact on sales and always delivers on its promise.

“It has been a pleasure working with the NFC World team. Their partnership program is packed with value and we have seen an excellent ROI.”
Carta Worldwide

That’s because our quality journalism produces a highly engaged audience that pays attention to clients’ messaging and is open and willing to connect with suppliers that can help them achieve their business goals.

Our campaigns consistently:

  • Produce a higher overall response rate than expected.
  • Draw responses from senior executives with real buying power.
  • Generate sales leads.
  • Reach prospects that are typically extremely hard to make contact with and pull in people who are “under the radar”, working in organizations that would not normally appear on your prospect list.

Independent reporting

34% of NFC World readers are actively looking to buy products and services. A further 22% act as consultants and advisors.

Our web stats are gathered from Google Analytics and Clicky, providing accurate, trustworthy and totally independent usage data.

All banner and email campaigns are tracked and reported using best-of-breed tools provided by independent suppliers.

This gives you reliable open rate and click-through performance data on your banners and messages.

Contact us for statistics and data on the performance of past campaigns.

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