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  1. Hong Kong links QR codes to faster payments to boost mobile wallet adoption 26 September 2018
  2. Japanese bank pilots blockchain mobile payments in bars and restaurants 26 September 2018
  3. Armani launches Wear OS smartwatch with NFC payments 26 September 2018
  4. GlobalPlatform sets out IoT security role for secure elements 26 September 2018
  5. Apple to focus on access control for next wave of NFC applications 26 September 2018
  6. ANZ lets customers use smartphones and smartwatches to withdraw cash from ATMs across Australia 25 September 2018
  7. Ithmaar Bank to let Bahraini consumers withdraw cash from ATMs with just their fingerprint and a PIN 25 September 2018
  8. LG to pilot blockchain carrier billing system for international mobile payments in stores 25 September 2018
  9. Digital currency pioneer David Chaum launches high speed blockchain for payments 25 September 2018
  10. Beijing to pilot face recognition payments at railway ticketing barriers 25 September 2018
  11. Rambus explains how online merchants can use card-on-file tokenization to reduce fraud and improve the online payments experience 25 September 2018
  12. Boston Fed reports on the current status of payment tokenization in the USA 25 September 2018
  13. Shoppers forecast to spend $45bn a year using self-checkout in stores 25 September 2018
  14. NXP unveils high security NFC tags that let brands deliver digitally connected products at scale 25 September 2018
  15. Startup tracks fine art provenance using NFC tags and blockchain registry 24 September 2018
  16. iPhone XS packs chips for payments from NXP and ST 24 September 2018
  17. Paytm to test face verification for payments in stores? 24 September 2018
  18. Huami includes NFC for travelcards, payments and access control in $116 budget smartwatch 24 September 2018
  19. Google Pay closes payments data sharing loophole 24 September 2018
  20. Contactless collection boxes deliver five-fold increase in donations for London charity 24 September 2018
  21. Google Pay goes live in Italy 19 September 2018