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  1. Tappy Christmas! Save the Children raises money with contactless jumpers 14 December 2018
  2. Bayern Munich adds NFC ticketing for Apple users at Allianz Arena 12 December 2018
  3. Barclays lets customers use their mobile banking app to restrict the type of stores their card can be used in 12 December 2018
  4. Guess unveils fashion watches with contactless payment bands 11 December 2018
  5. The world’s biggest electronics store uses NFC tags to let shoppers self-checkout on their mobile phones 11 December 2018
  6. Singtel adds Apple Pay to Dash mobile wallet 11 December 2018
  7. Tesco to roll out high value contactless transactions 11 December 2018
  8. Tech firms to explore next gen payment cards that combine fingerprint sensors with digital displays 11 December 2018
  9. Google Pay goes live in France 11 December 2018
  10. EU antitrust chief ‘could review’ Apple Pay 11 December 2018
  11. Apple Pay goes live in Germany 11 December 2018
  12. EU citizens report bugs in UK government NFC passport reading app 11 December 2018
  13. NXP sets out its vision for the future of NFC payments 10 December 2018
  14. Tesco lets shoppers self-checkout with their mobile phone at new Jack’s discount chain 10 December 2018