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    NFC devices tagged with 'BlackBerry OS'

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    Porsche Design P’9982

    The Porsche Design P’9982 is a luxury re-imagining of BlackBerry’s Z10 NFC handset that retails at US$2,350. More

    BlackBerry Z30

    The BlackBerry Z30 is a 5-inch touchscreen smartphone with NFC. More

    BlackBerry Q5

    The BlackBerry Q5 is a mid-range smartphone with a Qwerty keyboard that runs Blackberry 10 OS and is available in versions with and without NFC. More

    BlackBerry Q10

    The BlackBerry Q10 is a keyboard-equipped variant of the BlackBerry Z10. More

    BlackBerry Z10

    The BlackBerry Z10 is the first handset from RIM — now renamed simply ‘BlackBerry’ — running its much-anticipated BlackBerry 10 operating system. More

    BlackBerry Curve 9380

    The BlackBerry Curve 9380, also known as ‘Orlando’, was announced in November 2011 and is now shipping. More

    BlackBerry Bold 9790

    The BlackBerry Bold 9790, codenamed ‘Bellagio’, was announced in November 2011 and is now shipping. More

    BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930

    The BlackBerry Bold 9900 and 9930, the first handsets from Research in Motion to include NFC, were announced in early May 2011 and are now shipping. More

    BlackBerry Curve 9350/9360/9370

    The BlackBerry Curve 9350, BlackBerry Curve 9360 and BlackBerry Curve 9370 were announced in August 2011 and are now shipping. More

    Porsche Design P’9981

    The Porsche Design P’9981 by BlackBerry is a ‘restricted edition’ leather and stainless steel-clad designer handset announced in October 2011 that retails at US$2,000. More