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    15 November 2016 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 15 November 2016, 11:13

    Facebook update brings tokenization to Messenger payments

    Facebook has introduced a payments update to its Messenger platform that will allow US businesses who are not integrated with Stripe or PayPal to process payments within both messages and webview using tokenization technology. The feature is currently being rolled out in a closed beta as part of Messenger v1.3.

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    15 November 2016 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 15 November 2016, 10:32

    Apple Pay rolls out support for charity donations

    Apple Pay users can now make charitable donations to nonprofit organisations by clicking on a Donate with Apple Pay button found at the checkout of supporting mobile apps and websites.

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    15 November 2016 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 15 November 2016, 13:07

    Samsung Pay to launch Samsung Rewards programme in the US

    Samsung Pay is to launch a rewards programme in the US this week that will let users earn points for each purchase, which can be redeemed for items such as gift cards at participating stores, prepaid Samsung Rewards Visa gift cards, Samsung products “and more”, the company says.

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    14 November 2016 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 14 November 2016, 13:00

    Apple’s NFC restriction hits mobile payments innovation, Australian banks claim

    The group of Australian banks taking on Apple over access to the NFC technology within iPhone handsets says the restriction is not only preventing the introduction of mobile wallet services across multiple platforms but also proving detrimental to continued investment into mobile payment apps.

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    14 November 2016 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 14 November 2016, 12:24

    Visa and BioConnect work to enable multiple biometrics on mobile apps

    Visa is working with biometric identity platform provider BioConnect to enable multiple methods of biometric authentication through a single mobile app. This means that if the consumer’s default biometric authentication method fails, they can use an alternative biometric method to gain access to their device or service.

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    14 November 2016 • By Christopher Brown • Last updated 14 November 2016, 12:06

    Fashion brand adds NFC and blockchain for authentic personal clothing

    Fashion brand Babyghost has partnered with Chinese blockchain-as-a-service company BitSE and its VeChain project to deliver a range of clothes incorporating NFC tags and verified using blockchain technology.

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    14 November 2016 • By Christopher Brown • Last updated 11 November 2016, 15:56

    Banks ‘must consider human weakness’ to improve mobile banking security, report says

    Banks must consider the weakness of their own consumers’ behaviours and avoid being distracted by technical vulnerabilities when it comes to improving the security of mobile banking and payments systems, a report by Mobey Forum says.

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    Partner news NFC

    11 November 2016 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 11 November 2016, 15:10

    NFC World webinar to share real-world lessons from HCE mobile payments pilot

    NFC World will host a free webinar on Thursday 8 December to provide insight into the lessons learned from a real-world implementation of a host card emulation (HCE) mobile payments service that makes use of Visa and Mastercard’s cloud-based payment standards.

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    11 November 2016 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 11 November 2016, 10:36

    Banca Intesa launches HCE mobile payments in Serbia

    Customers of Serbia’s Banca Intesa — a subsidiary of Italian banking group Intesa Sanpaolo — have become the first in the Balkan country to be able to make host card emulation (HCE) based mobile payments, using their Visa debit cards at any contactless terminal.

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    11 November 2016 • By Christopher Brown • Last updated 10 November 2016, 16:55

    China’s mobile commerce lead over US revealed in IAB report

    China is leading the US when it comes to mobile commerce, with nearly twice as many Chinese consumers making a mobile purchase over the previous 12 months than their American counterparts, a study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) says.

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