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    10 April 2017 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 10 April 2017, 11:38

    UAE residents to use NFC for ‘a wide range’ of mobile payments services

    Consumers across the United Arab Emirates will soon be able to make payments across a “variety of services” using their mobile phone and Empay, a common mobile payment platform based on NFC. The solution forms part of Dubai’s Smart Government Initiative which aims to transform Dubai into the world’s smartest city.

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    6 April 2017 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 6 April 2017, 12:39

    Consumers get chance to win prizes at the point of sale

    Consumers can now be offered the chance to win prizes related to the purchases they make both in-store and online by playing games such as scratch cards and slot machines that are integrated into a merchant’s payment confirmation pages online and at the payment terminal in a store.

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    5 April 2017 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 5 April 2017, 13:08

    Low uptake of SIM-based mobile payments leads to decrease in NFC SIM shipments in 2016

    The global number of NFC SIM card shipments decreased in 2016 due in part to a “lower than anticipated” consumer uptake of SIM-based mobile payments and the impact of the closure of the Softcard mobile wallet in the US, the SIMalliance has revealed, despite reporting growth in NFC SIM shipments in key countries across Europe and the CIS regions, highlighting the demand in specific markets.

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    4 April 2017 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 10 April 2017, 15:58

    Barclaycard: Realising the potential of conversational commerce is crucial

    Having information about how, when and why consumers seek to contact organisations through digital assistants and chatbots and understanding why they are gravitating towards doing so is critical to achieving the full potential of conversational commerce, according to Barclaycard’s managing director of future payments Nick Kerigan and director of future payments Sanjaya Shrestha.

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    4 April 2017 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 4 April 2017, 11:02

    Amazon customers get in-store cash deposits to fund online payments

    Amazon customers across the US can now top up their Amazon balance using cash at “thousands of participating convenience, grocery and drug stores” by showing a printed barcode or a barcode on their mobile device to the cashier. They will then be able to use the funds to make online purchases at Amazon.

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    3 April 2017 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 3 April 2017, 11:50

    Australian banks lose fight to gain access to NFC functionality in Apple iPhones

    The group of Australian banks seeking stronger negotiating powers with Apple over the NFC technology within its iPhone handsets have been denied access to it by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) on the grounds that the proposed conduct would “reduce or distort competition in a number of markets” and that the benefits are “outweighed by the detriments”.

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    3 April 2017 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 3 April 2017, 10:15

    Samsung Pay expands on online payments plan

    Samsung Pay will be available for online payments at “hundreds of thousands of merchants around the world” where Visa Checkout is accepted later this year. The news follows an announcement by the company’s Justin Denison at Samsung Unpacked 2017 last week that the service was heading online through “strategic partnerships”.

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    31 March 2017 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 31 March 2017, 09:47

    UK regulator calls for banks to tighten cancellation processes for stolen contactless cards

    The UK’s Financial Conduct Authority has set out measures it plans to tighten the processes banks undergo when a customer reports a stolen contactless card, which currently allow — in a “limited set of circumstances” — for a stolen card to be misused by fraudsters “several months after it has been cancelled”.

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    30 March 2017 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 30 March 2017, 10:00

    Samsung reveals S8 with multi-biometrics, Samsung Pay reaches quarter of a billion transactions and adds online payments

    Samsung has unveiled its latest Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus flagship devices, with support for iris and facial recognition technology and a fingerprint sensor which is now located on the back of the phone. Samsung Pass deals with major banks, an expansion of Samsung Pay to include online payments and details of its Bixby virtual assistant have also been announced.

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    29 March 2017 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 29 March 2017, 16:14

    Dunkin’ Donuts customers get mobile ordering through Google’s navigation app

    Customers of coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts across the US can now place orders and complete a payment before leaving the house using their mobile phone and a new feature that has been added to Google-owned traffic and navigation app Waze.

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