European telco CEOs agree to work together on NFC standards

Five of Europe’s largest mobile network operators — Orange UK, Deutsche Telekom, France Telecom Orange, Vodafone and Telecom Italia — have agreed to work together to develop NFC standards, FierceWireless reports, “in hopes it will accelerate the technology’s prominence and make it easier for partners such as banks and retailers to deploy”: More

Oberthur signs Mifare NFC licensing deal

NXP Semiconductors and Oberthur Technologies have announced a licensing agreement for NXP’s Mifare contactless card technology, enabling Oberthur to integrate Mifare transport ticketing and other applications into its NFC SIM cards. More

Samsung unveils second NFC phone: The Samsung Wave 578

Samsung has announced a second mobile phone equipped with near field communication functionality at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.The Samsung Wave 578 runs on the handset maker’s own Bada smartphone platform, for which the company announced NFC support in January, and features a 3.2-inch screen and 3.2 megapixel camera. Like the Samsung Galaxy S II announced yesterday, however, more than one version of the phone will be produced and availability of NFC functionality will depend on “market situation”. More

Uncovered: The hidden NFC potential of the Google Nexus S and the Nokia C7

Gerald Madlmayr

Mobile and NFC experts Dr Gerald Madlmayr and Christian Kantner have taken apart both a Nokia C7 and a Google Nexus S to find out what’s inside and what kind of services it will be possible to offer via the handsets in the future — and to build a Nexus S that can operate in full card emulation mode. Here Dr Madlmayr explains what he and Kantner discovered… More