Comprion launches SWP/HCI NFC testing solution

Mobile test equipment specialist Comprion has launched a digital Single Wire Protocol (SWP) and Host Controller Interface (HCI) simulator that allows the synchronous simulating and testing of both the contact and contactless sides of NFC communication. More

Tranzfinity adds NFC to Facebook

A new NFC-based service has launched in Los Angeles that automatically updates a consumer’s Facebook status with a message from the merchant every time they tap a poster in a shop or restaurant to obtain a special offer. More

Luottokunta begins Visa’s first NFC trial in Finland

A small scale near field communication trial has begun in Finland. Forty members of staff from payments provider Luottokunta, Sodexo, Visa Europe and Venyon have been issued with NFC handsets that they can use to make payments at merchants equipped to handle contactless payments in Helsinki and at Luottokunta’s offices. The trial participants are able to make small value payments, under €20, without a PIN and high value payments, above €20, by entering a PIN on their handset. More

Trusted Logic makes it easier to add NFC to Android phones

Trusted Logic has launched an NFC protocol stack for Google Android mobile devices, making it easier for Android device manufacturers to integrate NFC into their handsets and enabling mobile applications to use NFC connectivity built into future Android phones. Interfaces for developing applications in both native and Java are included in the new solution, which builds on Trusted Logic’s existing JSR257 interface for J2ME/MIDP applications. More

Arygon launches NFC reader platform

NFC and RFID reader module specialist Arygon Technologies has launched a high speed NFC reader hardware and software platform that includes compatibility with both Mifare and FeliCa as standard and can be upgraded to include compatibility with payment card standards as an additional option. More