Banks get serious about NFC

OPINION: Interest in near field communication is gathering pace in the financial services sector, fuelled by the arrival of NFC-enabled microSD cards and a recognition that there is a business model to be found — so long as you look for it hard enough. More

Barclaycard and Orange to launch commercial NFC service by the end of 2010

Card issuer Barclaycard and mobile network operator Orange are to launch a commercial NFC service in the UK before the end of 2010, a senior Barclaycard executive has revealed. Sarah Mansfield, Barclaycard’s head of innovation marketing, mentioned the plan in a presentation at a mobile marketing event organized by the Institute of Sales Promotion and Mobile Interactive Group, according to a report in Wireless Federation: More

Objecs adds NFC to headstones

US firm Objecs has launched a new range of wireless-enabled memorial products designed to enable detailed information about the deceased to be stored in an NFC tag attached to a gravestone. Anyone with an NFC phone who then visits the grave will be able to access the information by simply touching their phone to the headstone. More