Tyfone puts NFC into microSD cards

The company’s patented technology allows an NFC secure element, controller and antenna to be built into SD and microSD cards, making it possible for mobile phone and PDA owners to add near field communication capabilities to their devices by just adding a Tyfone card. More

Is NFC ripe for adoption, or has it missed the boat?

OPINION: ABI Research caused quite a stir this week when it distributed a press release saying NFC has taken too long to develop, that other mobile payments solutions such as SMS have beaten it to market and it will now be six years before NFC becomes a viable mobile payments solution. More

NFC isn’t really six years away, says ABI

A controversial press release from ABI Research this week seemed to indicate the company believes it will be six years before NFC can offer viable large-scale mobile payment solutions. A little further investigation, though, finds the analysts still expect to see the first major orders at the end of next year… More

NFC and flexible OLEDs could light up product packaging

The EU-funded Rolled project has developed a cost-effective way to produce flexible, organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) using roll-to-roll manufacturing technology. That means they could be mass produced very cheaply and an NFC phone could be used to interact with OLEDs incorporated into everything from product packaging to posters and beyond. More

Call for papers: NFC World Congress 2009

Near Field Communications World’s editor Sarah Clark is in charge of the conference programme for the NFC World Congress, to be held in Brussels on 16-18 June 2009. The preliminary agenda has now been finalized and this is your chance to be considered for one of the speaker slots… More

All I want for Christmas is a Tikitag

British gadget retailer Firebox is aiming to turn NFC into the must-have gift for geeks and gadget lovers this Christmas with a £39.99 Tikitag starter kit that includes a tag reader and ten NFC-compatible RFID stickers… More

Smart stickers power new community payments system

A new payments service from Bling Nation offers local banks the chance to provide a low-cost closed-loop payments system within their local community. Smart stickers attached to customers’ mobile phones and low-cost ‘BlingTag’ readers are at the heart of the system and NFC-based services will be added once handsets become widely available. More

US tradeshows collect visitor information with NFC phones

Five hundred Nokia NFC phones were issued to exhibitors by event registration specialists ITN International at last week’s Greenbuild 2008. A host of advanced features such as the over-the-air provision of promotional information, special invitation tickets and event-based social networking are to be added soon… More