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    9 March 2015 • By Rian Boden • Last updated 9 March 2015, 15:50

    Visa prepares to launch HCE services with multiple banks

    Visa is to launch NFC payments services based on host card emulation with “several leading financial institutions around the world” in the coming months, with BBVA and Cuscal already live. Others coming soon include Banco do Brasil, PNC and US Bank.

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    6 March 2015 • By Christopher Brown • Last updated 6 March 2015, 13:52

    CaixaBank lets drivers speak to mobile banking app

    Spain’s CaixaBank has launched an app which allows customers to use voice commands to perform simple online banking operations, opening the way for drivers to check balances and initiate transfers as they travel.

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    5 March 2015 • By Rian Boden in Barcelona • Last updated 26 March 2015, 14:13

    Visa Europe expands on customised tokenization plans, will go live mid-April

    “Tokenization does a couple of things brilliantly; one is it really helps on facilitating innovation, facilitating the use, for example, of mobile phones for payments,” Visa Europe’s Sandra Alzetta told NFC World following the payment network’s announcement of plans to launch a customised tokenization platform to European banks in April. “In addition to that, it really helps to further enhance security.”

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    5 March 2015 • By Mike Clark • Last updated 5 March 2015, 13:36

    Optus shows off wearable payments

    Australian mobile network Optus has shown off a prototype watch that can be used to make contactless payments as an extension of its Cash by Optus prepaid NFC payment app.

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    4 March 2015 • By Rian Boden in Barcelona • Last updated 4 March 2015, 13:35

    Pizza Hut could let customers order and pay for pizza from their cars

    Pizza Hut is testing a proof-of-concept “connected car” system that would let its customers order and pay for pizza from their vehicle before identifying themselves when arriving at the restaurant through Bluetooth beacons placed in designated parking bays.

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    3 March 2015 • By Mike Clark • Last updated 18 May 2015, 13:41

    SpotMe app lets Android users spend Apple Pay cash

    Android users can spend their iPhone-owning friends' money using a new app that can capture NFC payment transaction tokens from other devices and hold onto them before spending them later.

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    3 March 2015 • By Rian Boden in Barcelona • Last updated 3 March 2015, 10:07

    Qualcomm demos 3D fingerprint technology for mobile phones

    A fingerprint authentication solution that uses ultrasonic technology to scan through a smartphone cover made of glass, stainless steel, sapphire or plastic as well as contaminants on a finger, such as sweat or condensation, has been unveiled by Qualcomm. The technology can “detect if you are you under very difficult conditions,” product manager Max Hamel has told NFC World.

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    2 March 2015 • By Mike Clark • Last updated 2 March 2015, 18:08

    PayPal readies contactless reader

    PayPal is preparing to launch a new version of its PayPal Here card reader that can handle transactions with contactless cards and NFC devices.

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    2 March 2015 • By Mike Clark • Last updated 3 March 2015, 09:44

    PayPal to buy MCX supplier Paydiant

    Paypal is to acquire Paydiant, a white label mobile payments specialist and developer of a platform that allows retailers to incorporate payment, loyalty and offers functionality into their own apps.

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    2 March 2015 • By Rian Boden in Barcelona • Last updated 2 March 2015, 15:22

    ZTE launches smartphone with retina scanning for authentication

    ZTE‘s latest Android smartphone will let owners unlock it by scanning their retinas with a built-in biometric solution from EyeVerify. Today the Eyeprint ID solution is only a device unlocking mechanism but it could soon be used for other services, including to authenticate mobile payments and to unlock sensitive mobile apps including mobile banking, the company’s Waiman Lam revealed to NFC World.

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