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    Toshiba puts NFC on memory cards

    January 8th, 2015

    Toshiba has added NFC to a SDHC memory card, allowing consumers to check the card’s contents by tapping it against their NFC phone instead of plugging it into a PC or digital camera. An Android app allows users to see previews of images stored on the card as well as the amount of free space available. The card will be available in 8, 16 and 32GB versions from February 2015.

    Toshiba launches TransferJet dongle for iPhones

    January 5th, 2015

    Toshiba has unveiled an add-on adapter for iOS devices that will enable users to transfer large data files such as movies and images from one device to the other using TransferJet, a high-speed short range… More

    Toshiba offers NFC/BLE combi chip

    December 3rd, 2014

    Toshiba has unveiled a dual-function IC that includes both a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) radio and an NFC Type 3 (Felica) tag. The tag part of the chip offers 1.5KB of memory and an I2C interface to allow it to be shared with the BLE side. The TC35670FTG is designed to be included in Bluetooth Smart devices such as sensors, toys, smartphone accessories and healthcare devices and offers one-touch Bluetooth pairing as well as power management features to increase battery lifetimes.

    Toshiba offers dynamic NFC tag

    July 15th, 2014

    Toshiba has introduced an NFC Forum Type 3 tag chip that includes a wired interface, enabling it to be used to collect and store dynamic data generated by “normally standalone products, such as calculators, clocks, and healthcare items”. Data, such as blood pressure readings, can then be transferred to the user’s smartphone via NFC.

    Toshiba shows TransferJet kiosk

    October 9th, 2013

    Toshiba has demonstrated a touchscreen kiosk that combines a wireless charging station, NFC reader and fast data transfer technology TransferJet at the Ceatac 2013 tradeshow. The demo showed how consumers could pay and pair via NFC and then download digital content via a TransferJet micro USB dongle attached to their phone, Engadget reports. TransferJet can transfer an hour of video content in a matter of seconds.

    Toshiba announces NFC controller chip

    June 26th, 2013

    Toshiba has unveiled an NFC controller that enables multiple concurrent connections with three different secure elements — “allowing manufacturers to design NFC-enabled applications before the SE for the transaction system is determined.” The T6NE2XBG is… More

    Toshiba GCS adds Isis SmartTap support to POS system

    April 22nd, 2013

    Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions has added support for Isis SmartTap payments to its Ace POS platform. The integration of Isis SmartTap will allow merchants to improve their customer experience by extending offers and loyalty programs to… More

    NFC phones and tablets with fingerprint security protection “expected later this year”

    May 14th, 2012

    A new fingerprint sensor from Authentec is now being designed into a number of new devices so that NFC phone users can add an extra layer of protection to their mobile wallets, the company says. More

    KDDI launches NFC in Japan

    January 16th, 2012

    The mobile network operator will begin commercial NFC services from the end of January with partners including Japan Airlines, credit card issuers, loyalty programme providers and retailers. More

    Toshiba begins NFC SIM mass production

    Toshiba begins NFC SIM mass production

    February 9th, 2011

    Toshiba has announced it has now completed testing of an NFC UIM, a user identity module that can be used in both CDMA2000 NFC phones and as a SIM card for GSM NFC phones, and… More

    KDDI to run multiple NFC tests in Japan

    April 22nd, 2010

    The mobile network operator has partnered with card issuers, airlines, a cinema chain, a car manufacturer and others to run a series of tests of NFC standard technology and aims to introduce NFC services “in the near future”. More

    NFC phones enter mass production

    NFC phones enter mass production

    December 3rd, 2009

    OPINION: The news that Malaysian manufacturer Fonelabs is to produce two million NFC phones in 2010 is the first sign that the issue of a lack of NFC handsets is beginning to be resolved. More

    The NFC Newswire: Breaking news, product launches and NFC-related news from around the world

    The NFC Newswire: Breaking news, product launches and NFC-related news from around the world

    September 24th, 2009

    All the latest news from around the NFC ecosystem including a new Toshiba NFC phone now under development, Telecom Italia’s new mobile commerce service, Visa Australia increases contactless transaction limit, Twinlinx and Windows Mobile, Montreal’s new contactless ticketing system, MoLo Rewards’ NFC coupon and loyalty solution and more…  More

    New Toshiba NFC phone being developed by Toppan Forms, NXP and iWOW

    New Toshiba NFC phone being developed by Toppan Forms, NXP and iWOW

    September 24th, 2009

    The new phone will be based on Toshiba’s TG01 Windows Mobile handset. It will use NXP’s PN544 NFC controller and will be compliant with the Single Wire Protocol standard. It will be produced in test… More

    Would-be SIM suppliers line up to battle for operators’ NFC business

    Would-be SIM suppliers line up to battle for operators’ NFC business

    February 9th, 2009

    OPINION: For anyone hoping to be seen as a player in the NFC SIM market, it’s becoming clear that now is the time to let the market know you’re in the game — even if you don’t yet have any product ready to ship. More

    Toshiba unveils NFC Universal SIM

    Toshiba unveils NFC Universal SIM

    February 9th, 2009

    Toshiba has made a move into the SIM market with the introduction of a Single Wire Protocol compliant NFC USIM. More

    CES 2009: NFC competitors and enablers on display

    CES 2009: NFC competitors and enablers on display

    January 12th, 2009

    There wasn’t much to see in the way of mainstream NFC developments at the 2009 Consumer Electronics Show — but some interesting potentially competitive technologies and enabling solutions made the massive Las Vegas event worth casting an eye over. More

    NFC Forum gets new board member, adds more associates

    NFC Forum gets new board member, adds more associates

    December 30th, 2008

    Membership of the NFC Forum is continuing to grow at a rapid pace. Handset manufacturers, mobile service providers, payment services providers, chip makers, solution developers, municipalities and academic institutions have all recently joined up. More

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