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    Report: Larry Page cancels Google Wallet card plan

    May 13th, 2013

    Google CEO Larry Page has become personally involved in decisions surrounding the future direction of Google Wallet, AllThingsD reports, leading to the cancellation of plans to introduce a physical Google Wallet card and the departure… More

    Apple: No need for NFC today

    September 12th, 2012

    NFC isn’t needed to give iPhone owners what they need today, Apple’s Phil Schiller has told AllThingsD, in an interview following today’s launch of the iPhone 5: Apple Senior VP Phil Schiller said that Passbook… More

    Home Depot tests PayPal in-store

    January 10th, 2012

    Home Depot has become the first US retailer to test PayPal’s mobile payments solutions in-store. The trial is taking place at five stores and involves “a small number” of employees, says PayPal. Employees can pay for items using a PayPal-issued credit card or by entering their mobile phone number into a POS device, according to AllThingsD. The online payments giant recently ran an NFC trial in Sweden and has included NFC peer-to-peer payments in the latest version of PayPal Mobile App for Android.

    Snack machines go Google

    December 6th, 2011

    US-based vending machine technology provider Cantaloupe Systems has equipped 6,000 units in San Francisco, Chicago and the mid-Atlantic region to accept Google Wallet, AllthingsD reports, while Chicago-based Mark Vend plans to convert half its 2,000 machines in the first half of 2012. Coca-Cola is also conducting a trial of Google Wallet in vending machines.

    PayPal unveils its mobile payments plans

    September 15th, 2011

    The online payments giant has showed off a series of mobile payments and shopping solutions that provide NFC-like features without the need for an NFC phone. More